Medium roast coffee beans

For beginner coffee drinkers unfamiliar with different roasts, a medium roasted bean is a safe bet.

This roast is known for its perfect balance of exotic flavours, rich aroma, and crisp taste. Medium roasted beans are dark brown and do retain specific flavours related to the country or farm their grown and harvested on

Of course, if a medium roast isn't your cup of tea, we have many other bean choices. To find out more, check out our guides here and here.

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What are medium roast coffee beans?

A medium roast isn't a coffee bean but rather the way it is prepared.

All types of coffee beans can become a medium roast. Medium roast beans are roasted for a longer time than a light bean but shorter than a dark roast.

Medium roast coffee falls right in between a light and dark roast. This type of roast takes on the characteristic of both medium and dark roasted beans. 

Medium roast coffee beans have a thicker body than a light roast but still deliver the exotic flavours typically found in a light roast. However, these flavours are slightly reduced due to the longer roasting process. 

A medium roast will also have some of the traits found in a dark roast - like a slightly bitter taste paired with chocolate notes.

Our Medium Roast Coffee Beans Range

Signature Blend

The team at Glass House Mountain Coffee have blended the perfect mixture of body and taste with their Signature Blend. This unique bean has balanced chocolate notes and a medium body with a hint of honey.

Single Origin Nicaraguan Coffee Beans

A wonderful bean that will fill your mouth with a marriage of cinnamon and almond. This excellent medium roasted bean is the perfect balance for anyone who has trouble deciding between light and dark roast. The Single Origin Nicaraguan Coffee Beans are available in whole bean, espresso, and plunger ground. Shop Nicaraguan coffee beans.

Types of Coffee Beans Which Come in Medium Roast

As mentioned above, all coffee beans can technically be a medium roast; the only difference is the amount of time and heat used in the roasting process. 

Medium roasted beans accompany the traits of both light and dark roasts. These beans are well suited for all types of drinks, from espresso to filter coffees. They can be ground to the correct coarseness to fit the kind of drink you are trying to create.


How strong is medium roast coffee?

Medium roasted beans are slightly weaker in caffeine than lightly roasted beans and marginally stronger than dark roast. This is because the longer a bean is roasted, the more caffeine is removed.

However, a prepared medium roast coffee has approximately the same amount of caffeine as a light coffee. This is because lightly roasted beans weigh more than medium roasted beans.

Which is stronger coffee, medium roast or dark roast?

A medium roast bean has slightly more caffeine than a dark roast because the beans have been roasted for less time.

However, as mentioned above, a prepared dark roast coffee has approximately the same amount of caffeine as a medium coffee. This is because medium roasted beans weigh more than dark roasted beans.

What is medium roast?

A medium roast is a bean that's roasted for a time between light and dark roast. It has some of the characteristics of a light roast, such as exotic flavours and some dark roast traits like a slightly bitter flavour. Both of these traits are somewhat toned back, leaving a perfect balance of the two.

What is the difference between light roast and medium roast coffee?

Light roast coffee has been roasted for less time than a medium roast. It is lighter in colour and has slightly higher caffeine content. A light roast typically needs more time exposed to hot water for a longer time to bring out all of the flavours, as compared to a medium roast.