Dark roast coffee beans

With so many options of coffee beans on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to pick just one. 

Dark roast coffee is a popular bean for many coffee drinkers. It's ideal for those who enjoy a bitter coffee (without the sour aftertaste). We have a wide range of dark roast beans with varying flavours and caffeine strengths.

Of course, if a dark roast isn't your cup of tea, we have many other bean choices. To find out more, check out our guides here and here.

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What are dark roast coffee beans?

Dark roasted coffee beans are dark brown and typically have oily surfaces. However, there is a lot of misconception about what a dark roast coffee bean actually is. 

Firstly, all coffee beans can potentially be a dark roast, and the difference comes in the roasting process. Compared to other types of roasts, dark roast beans have been roasted for a longer time, which gives them a classic dark look associated with the roast. 

It's commonly assumed that dark roasted beans lose their original flavour due to the longer roasting process. However, this is not the case. The extended roasting time actually works to bring out flavours in the bean - like nutty and/or chocolatey notes. 

In the past, dark roast coffee was one of the common types of coffee sold. This is because a dark roast can make a low-quality bean taste great. However, this has changed over recent years, as the level of coffee beans has improved. 

Dark roasted beans are commonly used to produce espresso drinks because they don't withstand hot temperatures for a long time compared to light or medium roast beans. Because dark beans have already been roasted for a considerable amount of time, dark roasted beans can be prone to overcooking.

Methods like filtered coffee, which ground coffee to sit in hot water for a period of time, are best suited to light roast coffees.

Our Beans Dark Roast Range

La Perla Coffee Beans

This bean does a great job of exemplifying what South America is capable of when it comes to growing coffee. This Colombian favourite gives a delicious dark brown sugar taste followed by a hint of lemon.

Limited Edition Costa Rica

A must-try limited edition Costa Rican bean that is roasted to perfection and goes great in any shot of espresso. It has a pleasant malt chocolate taste with hints of honey.

Colombian Coffee Bean

A favourite bean for those who enjoy a dark roast. Drinkers can expect a great full-bodied taste that is smooth and will leave hints of dark chocolate. Shop Colombian coffee beans.

Types of Coffee Beans Which Come in a Dark Roast

As we already discussed, any coffee bean can be dark roasted, but some beans handle the roast process better. Central and South America have become famous for their skill set in growing coffee beans that suit the dark roasting process. However, before these beans are brewed, most coffee lovers will agree that the beans should be ground medium for a filtered coffee and fine if you are making a coffee with a Moka.


What does dark roast mean in coffee?

Dark roast coffee beans are beans that have been roasted for a more extended amount than medium or light roasted beans. As a result, they are darker in colour and tend to have an oily surface. They are most commonly used in espressos and typically contribute chocolate and nutty notes.

Which coffee is stronger, light or dark roasts?

When coffee beans are measured by weight, they have similar caffeine content. For example, if one coffee has 5g of dark roasted coffee beans and another has 5g of lightly roasted coffee beans, the caffeine content should be approximately the same.

Are dark roast coffees the best?

The level of roasting preferred is an individual preference. However, dark roasted beans are great for coffee drinkers who love a chocolatey taste to their drink and enjoy a great espresso shot.

Is dark roast the strongest coffee?

No, dark roast and light roast coffee have around the same caffeine content.

Which is stronger coffee light roast or dark roast?

They are both equal.

What is the difference between light roast and dark roast coffee?

Light roast tends to have fruitier flavours and is lighter in colour. On the other hand, dark roast beans are usually darker and have a more bitter taste.