Brisbane's Best Coffee Beans & Coffee Subscription

Looking for coffee beans, Brisbane? Glass House Mountains brings fresh world-class coffee beans and pods from premium high-altitude farms and regions right to your door.

We select high-quality and ethically farmed coffee beans and then roast them right here on the Sunshine Coast, so we can ensure the quality of our coffee blends: both here at our local cafe and in the coffee beans which are delivered to your door.

Every member of our team is passionate about great coffee and understand the components of a fresh, high-quality brew. As premium coffee roasters, we are always striving to exceed expectations: be that from the smooth taste of our coffee blend or from our welcoming and friendly customer service.

Where Can I Buy Coffee Beans In Brisbane?

You can get the best speciality coffees in Brisbane delivered straight to your door: at home or in the office. With our easy-to-use online delivery service, you can order smooth, roasted beans from the comfort of your sofa and have them in your kitchen in no time at all.

We all know that a great coffee starts the day off in the best way, so don't waste time and money searching for average roasted coffee in your local supermarket. For a premium product, why not try one of our hand-crafted blends: you can order them online in no time.

Located on the Sunshine Coast, we can provide one-off or even subscription-based deliveries to the whole of Brisbane, with a service that's as smooth as your cup of coffee. Simply choose your favourite blends through our website, and we'll take care of the rest.

Our Range Of Single Origin Coffees

Single-origin coffee beans offer distinctive flavours which are unique to the region where they were farmed. That's why many people find that they have a favourite coffee from a particular region: you really can taste the difference!

We sell beans from a wide range of distinctive regions, from Costa Rica to Colombia. Importantly, they're all grown on ethical, high-altitude farms: selected for their fresh, premium flavour. Here's a list of the different single-origin coffee beans that we sell:


Why Choose Glass House As Your Brisbane Coffee Roaster?

When you choose Glass House Mountain Coffee as your Brisbane coffee roaster, you're choosing the finest beans from sustainable and ethical sources.

We guarantee that all our beans are farmed on sustainable and reputable plantations: we don't use coffees from the open market because it's hard to guarantee that the supplier is ethical. This means that the workforce operates under fair conditions, are paid a fair wage, and the coffee is being farmed sustainably.

What's more, we only use coffees from globally-renowned high-altitude farms. Growing coffee at high altitudes results in a well-rounded, smooth taste because the thinner air reduces the need for the plant to produce caffeine. It's this growing process that creates your favourite roasted blends.

To ensure we can provide the very best coffee, we roast all of our beans on site. This is so that we can supervise the whole roasting process, use the purest reverse osmosis grade water and have stringent quality controls. This process delivers a finished product that is free from chemicals and tastes really great.


Subscribe & Save 5%!

Do you want world-class coffees delivered straight to your door every month?

Whether you're an espresso expert or a latte lover, fresh coffee makes all the difference to your morning brew. We can offer a customised delivery service in Brisbane to ensure you never run out of your favourite coffee bean supply.

You can choose the delivery frequency, whether you want roasted beans or pods, specific origin or even a mix. And what’s more, if you subscribe to our online delivery service, you can save 5% on your coffee orders!

Find out more about our subscription service here.

Looking For Something Different?

Although we use beans to make our café blend, for home users coffee pods have become, in recent years, one of the most popular ways for coffee lovers in Brisbane to get their daily espresso fix.

We decided that coffee pod users shouldn’t miss out on our premium tasting beans, so we decided to fill our own pods with our high-altitude coffee beans for a luxury coffee pod experience.

If you own a machine that uses pods, why not try out our online selection.

We supply:


What's the best coffee to buy online?

There is a wide range of options available online when it comes to buying coffee beans, but we believe Glass House Mountains coffee is a premium product for all coffee lovers. If you live in Brisbane, why not give it a go and see what you think.

How long are coffee beans good for?

For ultimate taste, we would recommend trying to use our freshly roasted beans within three months. After this, they’re still safe but lose some of their intense flavours.

How many cups does a 1kg bag of coffee beans make?

A 1kg bag of coffee makes on average between 120-140 cups of one-shot coffee. This does depend on how strong you make your coffee, however.

What coffee is the smoothest?

Our coffee beans are made from high-altitude beans, which makes them incredibly smooth with no bitter taste. If you’re looking for a smooth experience, any of our blends are great.

Should I buy ground or whole bean coffee?

The flavour of a coffee bean is released as soon as it’s ground, which means that ground coffee is nowhere near as flavourful as whole bean coffee. So if you’re after an intense taste, the whole bean is likely to be a favourite for you.