1kg coffee beans

Did you know that coffee beans are a seed actually capable of growing more coffee? That is, if the bean has not been roasted and ground. When one of these seeds are planted, it takes around 3 to 4 years for the plant to fully mature enough to produce these magical beans that make our mornings so wonderful. 

On average, one of these plants can produce enough beans to make around 1 kg of coffee per yearly harvest. Now, if you're like most people and do not want to wait up to 4 years for a cup of coffee, then you can take the easy route and buy a 1 kg bag of coffee beans from us!


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What are filter coffee beans?

Filter coffee beans are coffee beans that are ground to a particular coarseness to work effectively when making filtered coffee.

Filtered coffees can be made in a variety of ways, but always require ground coffee beans to be placed on a filter with hot water poured on the top. When brewing filtered coffee, the beans are exposed to hot water for a longer period of time (as compared to other methods). It is highly recommended to use a lighter roast because of the time they will be in hot water in order to release the flavour properly.

However, this does not mean these types of beans are the only types of beans to make filter coffee, any type of coffee bean can be used to make this style of drink.

What are espresso beans?

Espresso coffee beans are just like any other coffee beans on the market. However, the difference is that these beans are ground very finely, so they are in the right form to brew coffee in an espresso machine - or one of the other various methods used to make an espresso. 

Usually, espresso coffees are made with dark to medium-dark roast beans. Using a darker roast, more aromas and flavours are extracted from the beans in the short amount of time they are exposed to hot water. 

By using the correct type of bean and brewing it for the right amount of time, the espresso produced is strong and enjoyable.

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Our 1KG Coffee Beans Range

Colombian Coffee Beans

Great dark chocolate-tasting coffee beans that are perfect for espresso. Shop Colombian coffee beans.

Signature Blend

A signature blend of beans made by glasshouse is one of our most popular beans.

Yellow Bourbon Brazilian Coffee Beans

Light caramel after tones that can be a great addition to every coffee lover's morning route. Shop Brazilian coffee beans.

Single Origin Nicaraguan Coffee Beans

With a smooth body, this is one of the easiest drinking coffees on the market. Shop Nicaraguan coffee beans.

Award Winning Buena Vista

One of our highest quality coffee beans, the Buena Vista beans are a great option for filtered coffee because it's a light roast with delectable hints of peach.

Limited Edition Costa Rican

A taste of the Costa Rica rainforest coffee in your own kitchen.

Single Origin Papua New Guinea Coffee Beans

With smooth drinkability, this is a great bean for all occasions. Shop PNG coffee beans.

Premium Roasted Swiss Water Decaf

If caffeine isn't your thing, but a deliciously sweet coffee is, then this is the perfect roaster for you. Shop decaf coffee beans.

Guatemalan Coffee Beans

The Guatemalan beans are a great choice if you enjoy a spicy and crisp-tasting coffee. Shop Guatemalan coffee beans.

Organic Jungle Bean Coffee 

Heavy and rich, these beans produce an excellent shot of espresso. Shop organic coffee beans.


Types of Coffee Beans Which Come in 1 Kg Bags

How much does 1kg coffee beans cost?

The cost of coffee can vary greatly, depending on the brand and beans. However, at Glass House Mountains coffee, a kilo of coffee costs somewhere between $40-55.

How many coffees does 1kg of beans make?

A 1 kg bag of coffee beans can produce approximately 140 cups of coffee. Using these measurements, buying a 1kg back will make the price of each coffee approximately 29c to 39c per cup of coffee (with no milk or sugar) - much cheaper than your local cafe!

How many coffees does 250g of beans make?

A 250-gram bag of coffee will yield around 35 cups of coffee.

How much does bulk coffee cost?

Buying bulk coffee saves consumers between 30 to 50 per cent off the retail price.