Glass House Mountains Coffee

Our exclusive network of renowned green bean buyers select beans from the world’s most awarded high altitude regions. Our artisan roasters then work their magic right here on the Sunshine Coast.

Our Glass House Signature Range brings pleasure to coffee aficionados and the quick-fix crowd alike thanks to the undisputed quality of our products. To us, coffee is more than a drink: it’s your taste journey, where individual preferences meet the smooth, authentic essence of different blends and beans to enliven mind and body.

We are passionate about coffee as both individuals and as a company. We work with a philosophy of exceeding expectations across every facet of our business. That’s why we deliver welcoming service and quality food with every cup. In our café or when you buy specialty coffee online you’ll enjoy an exceptionally smooth experience.

The Highest Standards From Source To Consumer

We begin our holistic uplifting experience by sourcing our high altitude grown green beans from reputable private plantations, rather than the open coffee market. These plantations have a stable workforce operating under fair conditions, ensuring no bad coffee karma in your cup.

Our roasting and cold brew processes are of an exceptional standard, using the purest reverse osmosis grade water. Our stringent quality controls deliver a product free from chemical intrusions or machine contaminants. Whether you enjoy a creamy latte or a kicking cold brew our coffee is as healthful as coffee can be.

Integrity. Creativity. Passion.

Here at Glass House Mountains Coffee we don’t just ‘talk the talk’, we walk it proudly. The coffee industry in Australia is highly competitive, which is why we strive to be outstanding.

Anyone can serve coffee – but only a company with vision can lead the way in ethical coffee production, be truly innovative in its creation of new products and deliver a consistently delightful experience to customers onsite and online.

We do more than make great coffee. We offer an enduring coffee experience that energizes and uplifts the human spirit to allow people to better fulfil their life’s purpose. Ambitious? Yes indeed.