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Single Origin Papua New Guinea Coffee Beans

Citrus | Peach | Melon

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Available Sizes: 250g & 500g

Available Types: Whole Bean, Espresso Ground & Plunger Ground

Citrus | Peach | Melon

Papua New Guinean coffee beans

Coffee beans from Papua New Guinea are bold yet balanced and boast a pleasant range of unique tasting notes. Their robust, earthy and exotic flavours create a flavour-packed product boasting an intense aroma - just one of the reasons this type of coffee is embraced by coffee aficionados and baristas across the globe.

Single-origin coffee beans from Papua New Guinea

Looking to create a barista-style coffee at home? Our fresh, bespoke Papua New Guinean coffee beans promise just that and more! Roasted in house by our expert roasters, our PNG beans embody a powerful, yet balanced flavour, void of unwanted chemicals. The result? A natural, pure taste with a slight acidity.

Our single-origin coffee beans are available in numerous styles, including Whole Bean, Espresso Ground and Plunger Ground in sizes of 250g and 500g.

What makes PNG coffee beans so special?

Beans from Papua New Guinea are cultivated in climates that boast some of the best coffee growing conditions in the world. PNG’s highlands are privy to highly, fertile organic soil, which makes this region a perfect place to grow and source coffee beans that aren’t pumped with chemical pesticides.

Coffee plants harvested at high elevations grow at a slower speed and as such, produce fewer (yet more refined) cherries. The fruit produced is a great deal more concentrated than that produced by plants grown at lower levels, which results in a product that packs a punch, is brimming with flavour, and offers a sweet woody aroma with a sweet edge!

Tasting notes

Coffee beans grown in PNG, especially PNG coffee harvested from the fertile hinterlands, boast a unique combination of natural, earthy flavours, crisp, fresh undertones, a little acidity and an edge of fruity wine and chocolate. Both blends and single-origin beans produced in this country are mysterious, have a full-body, are certified and balanced.

Benefits of high-altitude coffee production

PNG Coffee Beans owe their exceptional quality to the heights at which they’re grown. It’s these altitudes that make them some of the most celebrated coffee beans on the planet. When grown at a certain height in a cool, wet climate, coffee plants can yield fruit that is much more concentrated and offers a much more impactful flavour.

PNG plantations are not only privy to the perfect altitude, they’re also managed by farmers who adopt high-end machinery and certified farming techniques. The result? Green coffee beans that are consistently grown to perfection and promise a delicious flavour in every cup.

Our roasting process

Once our chosen coffee beans have been picked and arrive on-site, our expert roasters get to work, putting passion into every product created. Whether you enjoy a long black, a cold brew, an espresso or a cortado, we ensure all our beans are roasted to perfection - allowing you to create a barista-style cup of coffee from the comfort of your home.

From the estate to the bean to the blend, we’re dedicated to creating a positive process for all involved, especially our customers! We want you to know where our beans come from, how they are prepared, and more about the industry methods involved, which is why we only ever source beans from reputable coffee farms in Papua New Guinea.

The result? A bespoke, nutrient-rich product free of pesticides and chemicals, boasting a series of delicious tasting notes, a fresh fruity taste and woody, chocolate undertones.

Why buy Papua New Guinea coffee beans online?

Buying Papua New Guinea coffee beans online is not only cost-effective, it’s convenient. Instead of fighting queues at your local coffee joint or store, you can have coffee beans from Papua New Guinea delivered directly to your door. Whether you opt for ground coffee or whole beans, there is a style, flavour and blend to suit all - even the most discerning of coffee connoisseurs.

Another benefit for those who buy coffee online? You can set up a monthly subscription, meaning you’ll never run out of your favourite blend. Simply choose your preferred PNG coffee product, click ‘add to cart’ and you’re good to go! Your order can be as small or as big as you desire and can be amended or cancelled at any time.



Is Papua New Guinea coffee good?

Papua New Guinea coffee beans are said to be amongst some of the best in the world. Arabica beans grown in the Eastern Highlands are as balanced as they are bold, and coffees crafted from these beans promises a delicious fruity aroma and medium sweet edge.

What does Papua New Guinea coffee taste like?

Papua New Guinea coffee beans are celebrated for their diverse, bold flavour notes, with undertones of chocolate, citrus, and sweet fruit. Coffee beans grown in the PNG region take their unique flavours from Papua New guinea’s breathtaking Eastern highlands, perfect climate and rich volcanic soil! It’s these growing conditions that make this region popular with the coffee bean production industry.

Where is Papua New Guinea?

Papua New Guinea is located in the south-western Pacific and embraces numerous smaller offshore islands and the eastern highlands of New Guinea. It neighbours Australia to the South and Western Indonesia, with the Solomon Islands being located to the south-east.

Is Australia a good place to roast coffee?

Australia is perfectly positioned to benefit from numerous reputable coffee production plantations around the world, including the PNG market. This means we’re able to source the best beans, roast them on-site in Australia and deliver them directly to our customers without compromising on that zingy full flavour good quality coffee is famed for.

What is single-origin coffee?

Single-origin coffee is created using beans sourced from one estate only, as opposed to several growing regions and countries. This results in a more pure, unique flavour and is often the preferred choice for keen coffee drinkers and baristas across the globe.

Who is medium-roast coffee best for?

Medium roast beans promise a full, balanced body, a mild acidity and a heavenly, rich aroma. They’re the perfect pairing for coffee enthusiasts who prefer a wholesome, darker brew, that packs a heady punch!