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🥇Award Winning Cup Of Excellence 2015 🥇

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Our award winning Cup of Excellence Coffee. An exotic lighter-bodied coffee that offers a smooth intensity for a truly excellent cup, every time. Always at the cutting edge, Glasshouse Mountains Coffee has taken a risk by podding a highly regarded blend – with success. No other capsule company we know of has dared to take this leap of faith.

Designed to fit NESPRESSO brand coffee machines.

NESPRESSO PODS: $9.00 (Pack of 9 pods / 66g)

Dark brown sugar, hints of lemon

La Perla Coffee Pods

This jewel of a coffee boasts a unique and diverse range of flavours, without being overpowering. Akin to a natural high, you’ll discover fruity bursts and subtle aromas in every cup. A great option for morning, noon and night!


Coffee pods are the ideal choice for those who wish to become an at-home barista, simply pop a pod in your machine, select your desired style and strength and voila! Freshly brewed coffee, at the touch of a button, on tap!

Our award-winning coffee blend

Our mellow yet exotic La Perla coffee pods boast a smooth, wholesome finish, perfect at any time of the day. This unique, rare blend isn’t available anywhere else and a must-try for true coffee aficionados. Compatible with Nespresso machines, these pods, which come in packs of nine, are a great alternative to traditional capsules - especially for those looking for a bespoke flavour.

Lighter roast for more delicate flavours

A lighter roast is an ideal option for those who prefer a smoother, softer taste - a great coffee to wind down with post-lunch or after dinner. Despite what many think, a lighter roast still embodies a series of complex (often fruity) flavours. The lighter the coffee, the more unique the tasting notes.

Tasting notes

Silky and smooth with hints of crisp green apple and underlying spicy notes. Our La Perla blend is daring, yet balanced. Expect stunning fruity aromas and a smooth finish in every cup!

Sourced from the finest high-altitude coffee regions in the world

Grown at impressive heights of 1,300-1,400 meters, the La Perla coffee beans benefit from some of the best growing environments on the planet. Why do we source our beans for High altitude farms? With their cool temperatures, elevated plantations boast the perfect growing conditions for an array of coffee plants.


Instead of speeding up the growth, they slow it down ensuring each coffee plant produces a more concentrated, flavoursome fruit. The result? A fuller, pronounced, robust flavour that translates into every cup.

Which Nespresso machines are compatible?

Our La Perla coffee pods are compatible with the majority of Nespresso coffee machines. Before purchasing capsules, check your machine’s user manual or look to the manufacturer's website for more information on what pods can and can’t be used.

Never run out of La Perla pods with our subscription plan

A coffee subscription is a great idea for those who enjoy coffee on tap, delivered directly to their door regularly. Whether as a pick me up a first thing or caffeine hit post-lunch, with our subscription plans you can ensure you never run out of your favourite blend again!


A subscription is also a great opportunity to be more daring with your palette and try new blends you wouldn’t normally entertain, or mix and match. With a subscription, you can add as many different pods, roasts, beans and blends to your order - a great option for bigger households and offices with varying tastebuds.


With numerous variants, flavours, roasts and styles available in capsule form, when you choose coffee pods, you don’t need to stick to the one generic coffee. If you’re new to the world of coffee, this is a great way to determine your tastes, learning more about which blends you enjoy, whether you’re more of an espresso drinker or prefer a creamier coffee with notes of caramel and cocoa.

Benefits of a coffee subscription

The biggest benefit of a coffee subscription is convenience! If you’re on a deadline, running errands or housebound, knowing your coffee pods will be delivered directly to your door is a godsend. On top of this, it ensures you never have to queue for your caffeine fix again! A subscription is also a great way to gain insight into coffee blends and beans you haven’t yet acquainted, especially those not yet available at your local store!


You can amend or cancel your subscription at any time without incurring a fee.

Why choose us?

We put passion, experience and knowledge into every pod we create, sourcing our beans from quality, sustainable plantations and roasting them on-site, here in Australia. To ensure we deliver a high-quality coffee experience to each of our customers, we only ever source green beans from reputable plantations across the globe, all of which boast farms in high altitude locations.


Our team of artisan roasters are committed to providing a handcrafted product that promised to delight both coffee enthusiasts and the quick-fix crowd. Like you, we believe coffee is more than a brew alone, it’s a journey of exquisite flavours and aromas, all packed into a cup!


Our beans and blends have been crafted to invigorate the body, soul and mind, whilst our ethos is one of sustainability.


Do all Nespresso machines use the same pods?

The majority of Nespresso machines are compatible with all coffee pods. To ensure you’re investing in the right pods, look to your user manual for more information.

What do blend coffees taste like?

When blended correctly using quality beans from quality plantations, blends encompass a series of unique, bold flavours that perfectly complement one and other. In a nutshell, blended coffees use coffee beans sourced from varying places as opposed to just one place - in essence, the opposite to single-origin coffee.


This doesn't have to mean different countries, it can mean different regions and different farms. To learn more about the beans in your favourite brew, look to the label. The majority of coffee brands list the different origins featured in their blends on their packaging.

Can Nespresso machines make good coffee?

Yes, they can! Nespresso machines are a must-buy for those who love barista-style coffee, only on tap and at home. Whether making an espresso, a cappuccino, flat white, long black or cortado, a Nespresso machine will help you to create bespoke coffees, brewed to your exact tastes. If you’re struggling to make the perfect cup or use your machine, there are several video tutorials available online and you’ll find numerous handy tips in your user manual.