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Premium Roasted Swiss Water Decaf

Sweet | Fruity Tones | Light

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Sweet and Fruity Tones

Sourced from the highest altitude growing regions of Columbia, this decaf blend is a prime example of some of the best coffee coming out of South America.

Available Sizes: 250g, 500g & 1kg

Available Types: Whole Bean, Espresso Ground & Plunger Ground

Sweet and Fruity Tones

Decaf coffee beans

For times when you desire the smooth, sweet tastes of Columbian coffee without the caffeine kick, decaf coffee beans are your go-to!

Just like traditional roasted coffee, decaf beans boast many benefits. They’re high in antioxidants, including B vitamins, potassium and magnesium, meaning they still offer those all-important perks!

Whether a diehard decaf fan or love to switch between the two, our Columbian decaf beans promise a rich, smooth flavour profile - perfect post-lunch and into the evening hours!


Classic Colombian flavours without the caffeine

Our chemical-free, high-grade Colombian coffee beans are mildly acidic, medium-bodied, and offer hints of dark chocolate and a slight herbal aroma.

The result? Classic Columbian coffees with a strong intense taste, just without the caffeine kick, and destitute of the metal aftertaste associated with numerous decaf coffee bean brands.

Protecting the bespoke flavour Columbian coffee is famed for, our chemical-free decaffeinated coffee technique promises a smooth, rich brew, perfect at any hour - a little like a hug in a cup!


What is Swiss Water Decaf coffee?

Coffee beans decaffeinated using the tried and tested, chemical-free Swiss Water Process are a great choice for coffee enthusiasts looking for a premium, organic, green bean.

Instead of using harsh chemicals to extract caffeine from our Columbian beans, our Swiss Water process relies on solubility characteristics and the osmosis of the beans themselves.


Perfect for your afternoon cup of coffee

Looking to wind down after a long day and relax your way into the evening? The last thing you need is a caffeine-fuelled brew! This is when decaf beans are an ideal choice for your afternoon roast.

Our Columbian offerings promise to provide you with all the tasting notes, aromas and goodness associated with your standard grind, just without that hit of caffeine!


Single-origin decaf coffee beans

As the name suggests, this is when the product originates from one single location as opposed to several. Whether a plantation, farm or estate, customers are privy to the exact region the premium product came from.

Tasting notes

Decaffeinated beans derive from rich, fertile volcanic soils. This results in a highly intense, robust palette in the shape of a smooth, high-strength decaf brew with subtle citrus elements, chocolate notes and a slight acidity.

To ensure this flavour lives on, all roasting techniques are carried out by our expert roasting specialists on-site here in Australia.


What's so special about high-altitude coffee?

Coffee plants grown in high altitude environments boast extreme flavour, delicious aromas and a fuller body. These beans are privy to a lengthy maturation method, which permeates the coffee beans with concentrated sugars. The result? A brew that boasts a richer, more captivating flavour.


Colombian decaf grind options

Sourced from the highest altitude growing regions of Columbia, our decaf options are suited to those looking for a quick fix, as well as coffee connoisseurs looking to create a bespoke decaf brew.

Available in several sizes, comprising 250g, 500g and 1kg, and styles including Decaf Whole Beans, Decaf Espresso Ground and Decaf Plunger Ground, all can be purchased at the click of a button from our online store. Simply choose your blend, add to cart and your chosen product will be delivered directly to your door.

Grinding decaf coffee beans from the comfort of your own home will not only have your kitchen smelling like a real coffee emporium in no time, but our Whole Beans also promise a flavoursome, fresh, quality decaf brew. If you’re restocking - decaf whole beans are your go-to as they allow for much longer shelf life.

Espresso Ground

Espresso ground coffee is slightly darker in style. Why? Because the beans are roasted for that little bit longer. The higher the roast, the more porous the bean. This results in grounds bursting with rich tastes and aromas.

Plunger Ground

Plunger grounds offer an entirely different taste to whole beans and espressos. This blend isn’t exposed to as much heat or pressure. The strength can be tailored to the individual and is dependent on how much coffee and water they use.

This style of Columbian coffee is a must-buy for those looking to fashion a brew just the way they like it - whether mild or strong!



Can I drink decaf coffee at night?

If you’re a big fan of coffee, but love to sleep, switching to decaf coffee in the evening hours will allow you to get some much-needed shut-eye, whilst still embracing the aromas, acidity and full flavour of your favourite Columbian medium roasted (non-decaf) coffee beans.

All decaf products can be purchased in sizes of 250g, 500g and 1kg from our online store. Simply pick your style and add to cart!

Why is high-altitude coffee considered the best?

Coffee plants grown at impressive altitudes boast equally impressive palettes - even those roasted to create decaf variants.

Elevated plantations, with their extremely fertile, volcanic soil, produce coffee plants with fewer yet darker berries. The result? A delicious, fresh flavour concentration and a full-body brew.

What does Colombian coffee taste like?

Colombia is renowned for its Arabica coffee - some of the most sought after in the world! With equal measures of mild, sweet and strong flavours, with hints of sugar and fruit, this brew boasts a series of smooth, rich tastes and complex aromas, which when roasted, are captured in your cup.

Our coffee roasters in Australia are experts when it comes to roasting decaf blends. To ensure the same full, fresh, chocolate profile, we roast on-site. Whether you love mild, medium or strong blends, we have something to suit every customer. To learn more about roasting techniques, subscribe to our newsletter today.

Is Colombia the best coffee region in the world?

When it comes to taste and quality, Colombian coffee regions are some of the most celebrated across the globe.

What makes beans grown in this part of the world some of the best in existence? Columbian coffee isn’t your average coffee. This country, with its idyllic terrain and temperature, is one of few regions in the world to grow 100% arabica.

Team this with the style of coffee, organic farming methods and speciality harvesting techniques, it’s easy to see why coffee connoisseurs in Australia are crazy for Columbian blends!