Ecm Coffee Machine Review

by Alex Chapman

A high-quality coffee machine is one of the most important factors involved with make a great cup of coffee at home. However, with so many options on the market, it can be hard to decipher which machine is best for you.

At Glass Mountains Coffee we’ve tried hundreds of different coffee machines. And, we can confidently say that the brand ECM makes some of the best coffee makers on the market.

The company was started by coffee enthusiast Wolfgang Hauck in 1996. ECM has a large range of coffee makers, and we’ve broken down the features of three of their most popular models. These coffee machines not only make great tasting brews - but they have a huge range of impressive features, too.

Most of the Ecm team is now based in Germany with another team in Italy. The work these two teams have been doing over the last few decades has been second to none. The brand is consistently innovative and constantly pushes the boundaries to create machines that can make some of the best espressos anyone can experience.

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ECM Synchronika Anthracite

Buy the ECM Synchornika Anthracite here.

The ECM Synchronika Anthracite is a top of the range coffee machine that’s second to none. While it’s designed to make high-class coffee at home, its features are very high quality and it could quite comfortable be slotted into a commercial kitchen.

At first glance, the Synchronika is the perfect addition to any modern kitchen, partly thanks to it’s long-lasting and stylish stainless steel body, complete with a subtle PID silver display. The beautiful aesthetic of this coffee maker is a welcome vision on those early mornings when a coffee if the first order of business!

ECM has equipped this machine with one of the best rotary pumps available. Rotary pumps are quieter, longer-lasting and hold better pressure as compared to other types of pumps that some espresso machines use, for example, a vibratory pump.

The Synchronika is a double boiler system that offers a consistent and stable temperature for steaming and brewing that ensures a uniform espresso shot day after day. 

ECM designed this machine for the normal espresso lover - there are no technical skills required to operate the Synchronika. 

The manufacturers have even incorporated a fixed water connection which allows users to plumb the water tank straight into a source to avoid filling the water supply regularly. However, if you prefer not to connect the water tank, it can still be operated by refilling. The Synchronika is equipped with a large 0.75 litre tank for the coffee boiler and an even bigger 2-litre reservoir for the steam and hot water boiler.

Overall, the team at ECM have made sure they have added everything an espresso lover would need to create - and enjoy - a high-quality espresso from the comfort of your home. They’ve also made sure that amateur coffee makers don’t have the hassle of having small malfunctions thanks to the high-quality construction of the machine and its first-rate parts.

  • Power output: 1400 watts and 1 x 1000 watt heating element
  • Boiler size: 0.75 liters
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Height: 410 mm
  • Width: 335 mm
  • Depth: 490 mm

ECM Casa V

Buy the ECM Casa V here.

If you’re big on great tasting coffee - but your kitchen isn’t exactly big on space, then you’re in luck. The ECM Casa V can create a huge taste and takes up minimal room.  

The machine’s width is just 21 cm - so there should be no problem fitting it almost anywhere. But, just because this espresso is small in size doesn’t mean it is low in quality. The team at ECM has incorporated their extensive experience in building high-end machine-building technology when creating the ECM Casa V.

As most at-home coffee-makers know, when you snooze your alarm too many times and you have a minimal time left before you have to leave for work, waiting for your coffee machine to heat up can be almost torturous. Fortunately, the team at ECM is well aware of this and has made sure to equip the Cast V with a rapid heat-up phase which can have your water ready to create espresso within just 5 to 7 minutes.

The Casa V has amazing temperature stability through its strong great quality brass boil that allows a consistent brew every time. The boiler is also insulated which will keep heat away from parts that aren’t meant to be heated, which will extended the life of this exceptional espresso machine.

  • Boiler size: 2.8 litres
  • Weight: 14 kg
  • Height: 380 mm
  • Width: 210 mm
  • Depth: 370 mm

Ecm Elektronika ll Profi

Buy the Elektronika II Profi here.

The ECM Elektronika II Profi is a welcome addition to any kitchen, thanks to its clean aesthetics and gleaming and timeless stainless steel design. This impressive machine was built with quality and durability in mind. 

A standout feature of the ECM Elektronika II Profile is its strong rotary pump. Rotary pumps are quiet, offer consistent pressure and generally have a very long life span. While the quiet rotary pump is known to ensure that a coffee machine is quiet, this model was further designed to deliver a discreet brew due to its sound-insulated body. Another highly sought after feature of the Elektronika II Profi is it's professional quick steam abilities that can heat milk very quickly.

The Elektronika II Profil is known for being of high quality and durable and has the ability to make a first-class cup of espresso. Once the cup of coffee is finished being made, the model has an automatic cleaning program through the control panel.

A feature that separates the ECM Electronika II Profile from other coffee makers on the market is its programmable options. This individually programmable dosing feature allows at-home coffee makers to brew the perfect beverage without having technical barista skills. 

This is the perfect espresso machine for anyone that loves a quality shot of espresso and wants to be able to create a cafe-style coffee at home.

  • Weight: 29 kg
  • Height: 400 mm
  • Width: 325 mm
  • Depth: 475 mm

Reasons to buy an ECM coffee machine

High quality

For those looking for a top notch expresso machine, it’s hard to go past an ECM. All of the coffee machines are high quality and brew exceptional cups of coffee. When purchasing a ECM coffee machine, you can be sure that you’re buying a model that will last.

Great warranties

Buying an expresso machine is an investment. So, it makes sense that purchases will look for a machine with a good warranty. Fortunately, the ECM Machines come with extensive warranties with great coverage.

Impressive reviews

A quick glance at the glowing reviews available all over the internet for ECM coffee machines shows the exceptional quality of their products. 

Reasons to avoid an ECM coffee machine

ECM machines are some of the best machines on the market. However, they may not be suitable for you if you travel consistently and need a very portable coffee machine. Furthermore, the machines are an investment and can have a relatively substantial initial cost, so if you don’t drink coffee regularly, then a cheaper model may be preferable.

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