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La Perla Coffee Beans

Dark brown | Lemon | Rich

🥇Award Winning Cup Of Excellence 2015 🥇

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Dark brown sugar, hints of lemon

Sourced from the highest altitude growing regions of Columbia, this decaf blend is a prime example of some of the best coffee coming out of South America.

Available Sizes: 500g, 250g & 1kg

Available Types: Whole Bean

Dark brown sugar, hints of lemon

La Perla Coffee

Bold yet balanced, our La Perla coffee beans are a favourite with coffee aficionados who enjoy both sweet and citrus flavours. With tasting notes of lemon and dark brown sugar, you can expect to awaken the mind, body and soul with every cup consumed.


Whether you prefer whole bean, espresso ground, plunger ground or coffee pods, we have a style to suit even the most discerning of coffee drinkers.

Why is South America one of the best coffee regions?


All coffee beans aren’t created equal, and those grown in Asia offer an entirely different flavour profile to beans grown and harvested in South America. Each region is privy to different soil and different climates, with South America being famed as one of the best countries in the world for high-altitude coffee plantations.


From Bolivia to Brazil, to Columbia and Peru, there are numerous regions in South America all renowned for producing quality beans, brandishing unique flavours, bold palettes and inspiring tasting notes. Which style you choose all comes down to personal preference.

La Perla coffee grind options

With notes of dark brown sugar and an edge of citrusy lemon, our La Perla coffee beans offer a unique balance and a bold flavour profile. Derived from some of the highest altitudes Columbia has to offer, this blend is a great choice for coffee enthusiasts looking for a flavoursome South American bean.


Available in a variety of sizes including 500g, 250g and 1kg, as well as various styles, comprising Whole Bean, Espresso Ground, Plunger Ground and Nespresso compatible pods, there is a blend to suit all coffee bean enthusiasts.


To place an order, simply visit our online store, choose the variant and quantity, add to cart and await your delivery!

Whole bean

When you cut open a piece of fruit and leave it to stand, it begins to lose its freshness, the same applies to coffee beans. Unless you’re drinking coffee regularly, whole beans are highly recommended.


Why? Asides from promising the ultimate in freshness and lasting for longer, they allow you to create a grind tailored to your tastes - whether coarse or fine.

Espresso ground

If your morning ritual involves brewing an espresso as soon as you rise, espresso grounds should be your go-to! They’re convenient, flavoursome and pack a punch. An ideal choice for those looking for a finer grind.

Plunger ground

Coarser in style, plunger ground coffee is a must-buy for those who prefer brewing their beans in a plunger. Anything too fine, and you’ll end up with unwanted coffee particles in your cup! This coarser coffee promises a stronger, bolder flavour bespoke to your taste buds. To create a full-bodied cup of coffee, add more grounds and less water, and to create a milder brew, add more water and fewer grounds.

Nespresso compatible pods

Our La Perla coffee bean pods are the perfect alternative to Nespresso capsules and a must-buy for those wishing to expand their coffee horizons and try a new blend or flavour. Simply pop one in your machine, select the style of coffee you desire and voila - a barista-style coffee that doesn’t warrant a trip to your local cafe.

La Perla monthly subscription plan

Want coffee on tap? Sign up for a coffee subscription today and ensure your favourite beans are delivered directly to your door every month! You can both customise and cancel your plan at any time without the need to pay a fee.


Asides from avoiding lengthy queues at your local supermarket or cafe, a subscription is a cost-effective and convenient way to get your daily caffeine fix.




What makes South American coffee so good?

South American is now one of the biggest producers of coffee worldwide, with Brazil and Columbia being the most sought after regions for quality coffee roasters across the globe, shortly followed by Peru, Venezuela and Ecuador. This country products Arabica beans, which are preferred by coffee connoisseurs over Robusta beans.


To thrive, these beans require humid climates and heights between 4000 and 6000 feet - both of which can be found in South America. The result? Coffee beans boast a delicious flavour and an enticing aroma.

Can I drink coffee at night?

If you desire a cup of coffee at night or post a meal, by all means, you can indulge in a regular, fully-fuelled coffee! However, the caffeine may prevent you from getting a good night’s shuteye!

Is blend or single-origin coffee better?

If you’re looking for quality coffee beans that boast a unique flavour, relative to their region, single-origin coffee is a great shout and a variant preferred by coffee connoisseurs and baristas alike.


Unlike blended variants, single-origin coffees stay true to their unique flavours, promising a fragrant, bold brew in every cup.