Saeco Coffee Machine

by Alex Chapman

While many people think expresso machines are solely for professional use - or at very least by someone who’s trained in making coffee, this is certainly not the case. Saeco offers a large range of at-home espresso machines that can be easily used by everyday folk (aka-non baristas).

In fact, Saeco is an Italian company that’s built a reputation for itself as being one of the most reliable espresso machines manufacturers for at-home coffee makers. Started by Italians Sergio Zappella and Arthur Schmed, Saeco has been designing, making and selling high-quality coffee machines for over 40 years.

We have reviewed three of the most popular automatic espresso machines by Saeco.

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Saeco Xsmall

Buy the Saeco Xsmall here.

The Saeco Xsmall is a relatively small coffee machine with hugely impressive features. The Xsmall can make three delicious coffee drinks with just the touch of a button. These choices include espresso, a coffee or a milk-based drink. Plus, the machine has the ability to make two cups at the same time thanks to its double cup function.

One of the many loved features of the Small is its auto rinse feature. This helps to ensure that every beverage that is made by this machine is a consistent drink because the coffee circuits automatically get washed after every cup is made.  This method ensures that old flavours that are left in the water lines are removed before the next cup is made.

If you like milky coffee drinks, then you’re in luck! The Small has a classic milk frother that allows coffee drinks to easily froth and heat milk in order to achieve a professional barista style finish.

There is also a built-in grinder that allows for 5 different sized beans, meaning you can personally pick the size of grind that you prefer. Additionally, it has a fast boiler which means your drink can be ready in a matter of minutes. 

This is the perfect automatic coffee machine for anyone who enjoys a quality drink but doesn’t have technical barista experience or knowledge.

  • Boiler size: 1 litre

  • Weight: 7.2 kg

  • Height: 325 mm

  • Width: 295 mm

  • Depth: 420 mm

Saeco Gaggia

Buy the Saeco Gaggia here.

Saeco designed the Gaggia with quality and ease of use in mind. This impressive coffee kind machine has been equipped with seven one-touch drink options that make even tricky coffees easy to create. Saeco has also added 3 different levels of coffee temperature - meaning that you can cater the temperature of your coffee to suit your personal preference.

One of the highly appreciated features of the Gaggia is its hassle-free automatic cappuccino preparation. This means that it’s possible to create a cappuccino - which is widely regarded to be one of the hardest types of coffee drinks to make -  with a simple press of a button.


If creating the perfect shot of espresso is more your style, Saeco has added a setting where is it possible to adjust the body and aroma of your coffee so that you can create a shot that suits your personal preferences perfectly. 

The Gaggia pretty much has it all. Among its many features, it has an added cup warmer which helps to achieve a consistent shot and overall taste, a professional stainless steel steam wand and the ability to use coffee pods as well as ground coffee.

The Gaggia even has the ability to “get to know” your favourite type of coffee. Users are able to save their most-used settings so that their preferred coffee can be made with just the touch of a button.

When you’re finally finished enjoying your favourite coffee beverage, cleaning is easy too. The machine is specifically designed for an easy cleanup thanks to its removable brewing group this will allow more time to enjoy your drink and less time worrying about cleaning the machine.

  • Power output: 1400 watts

  • Boiler size: 1.6 litres 

  • Weight: 17 kg

  • Height: 385 mm

  • Width: 282 mm

  • Depth: 428 mm

Philips Saeco Xelsis

Buy the Philips Saeco Xeslsis here.

The Xelsis is one of the highest-end automatic coffee machines amongst the Saeco offerings. The brand has used its extensive experience with machine building experience and applied it to this innovative coffee machine. The Xelsis is the perfect brewing machine if you like to have cafe-style quality but at home - plus it makes coffee making a breeze.

Saeco has equipped the Xelsis with ceramic grinders. Ceramic grinders are useful for making sure no beverage ever has a burned taste because ceramic doesn’t overheat when the beans are being ground. This same grinder is also equipped with eight different grinds - so whether you're looking for a coarse grind to make a light coffee or a very fine grind for a great full-bodied espresso, the Xelsis can do it all. 

Saeco has made the Xelsis perfect for sharing. It allows users to have six different saved settings, so that the whole family can create their perfect cup of coffee with just the touch of a button.

If you like milk-based coffee, then the Xelsis can manage it! It has a double boiler, so milk is frothed to perfection quickly. When you’re finished frothing your milk, the machine is equipped with an automated dual cleaning system that will rinse your milk carafe after every use removing all of the residue.

  • Power output: 1500 watts

  • Boiler size: 1.7 litres 

  • Weight: 16.5 kg

  • Height: 393 mm

  • Width: 283 mm

  • Depth: 489 mm

Reasons to buy a Saeco automatic espresso machines

Although there's hundreds of espresso machines available on the market, Saeco models are particularly impressive. Not only do they make it possible to make high-quality espresso and/or coffee with a simple press of a button, but they're also packed with other innovative features.

Even if you have no experience in making expressos, you'll be able to do so with a Saeco. They're automatic machines ensure that you do not have to be a trained barista to create a great cuppa. Plus, all of their machines have also been designed to make clean up straightforward, quick and easy.

Reasons to avoid a Saeco automatic espresso machines

Saeco machines are very simple to use and can make an extremely amazing cup of coffee or espresso. We have found they although these machines are easy to use. However, some coffee lovers prefer a classic approach to making an espresso, which involves manually pulling it. In this case, Saeco coffee machines may not be ideal.

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