500g coffee beans

Coffee has been around since the 15th century. As the legend goes, an Ethiopian man named Kaldi noticed his goats, who had eaten berries from coffee plants, had a hard time sleeping. After informing the village about this strange occurrence, they banded together and figured out how to make "tea" with the coffee "berries". 

However, the discovery of coffee didn't appear in writing until 16 71.

In the mid-1600s coffee was bought back to New York - which was called New Amsterdam at the time. Coffee shops began to steadily appear, but tea was the drink of choice in the area until a heavy tax was imposed on it by King George III. Communists revolted against this tax by switching from drinking tea to drinking coffee.

Fast forward to today, and coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. The beans are grown in over 70 countries and traded all with even more. There are now thousands of different coffee beans available, which often makes it hard for consumers to decide which is best for them. 

Fortunately, at Glass House Mountain's coffee, we have coffee beans available in various sized bags, including a 500g bag. These smaller bags are a great size to allow consumers to try different beans to discover their favourites.


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What are filter coffee beans?

Filter coffee beans are just like any other coffee beans on the market. The only difference is how they are ground, roasted and brewed.

Firstly, drinkers should select a suitable bean to make a pot of filtered coffee. Coffee experts suggest that the best type of bean for filtered coffee is a lightly roasted bean. This is because filtered coffee requires the bean to be left in hot water for a period of time, and lightly roasted beans can withstand the hot temperature for longer.

Secondly, the beans should be ground to a medium-coarse grind. There will be enough surface area on the beans to be brewed effectively at this size.

Our 500g Coffee Beans Range

Colombian Coffee Beans

With hints of dark chocolate in every sip, this Colombian bean is a must-try. Shop Colombian coffee beans.

Signature Blend

A special, high quality blend of hand-picked quality beans.

Yellow Bourbon Brazilian Coffee Beans

Boasting a light caramel taste, this is a beautiful bean to help jump-start your day. Shop Brazilian coffee beans.

Single Origin Nicaraguan Coffee Beans

Beans with a very smooth body from the coffee region of Nicaragua. Shop Nicaraguan coffee beans.

Award Winning Buena Vista

With a stunning peach aftertaste, all you need is one sip to know why this coffee is award-winning.

Limited Edition Costa Rican

A wonderful medium-body option with good acidity and honey sweetness.

Single Origin Papua New Guinea Coffee Beans

One of the smoothest tasting beans on the market. Shop PNG coffee beans.

Premium Roasted Swiss Water Decaf

A great decaf option with sweet and fruity tones. Shop decaf coffee beans.

Guatemalan Coffee Beans

The Guatemalan beans are a great choice if you enjoy a spicy and crisp-tasting coffee. Shop Guatemalan coffee beans.

Organic Jungle Bean Coffee 

Heavy and rich, these beans produce an excellent shot of espresso. Shop organic coffee beans.

Types of Coffee Beans Which Come in 500g

We offer all of our variations of coffee beans in 500-gram bags, from lighter roasts that are ideal for filtered coffees to darker roasts that are sure to make the perfect shot of espresso.

All of our coffee beans can be ground differently, too. We grind our beans in various ways - from a very fine grind that best suits espressos to a medium grind for filter coffees and everything in between. Of course, we also sell full beans that can be ground how you like at home when you're ready to make your cuppa.


How much does 500g of coffee beans cost?

A 500 gram bag of coffee ranges from 25 to 37 dollars. This is a great option for anyone who wants to explore new flavours and doesn't want to commit to a larger bag of beans until they've found the perfect flavour.

How many coffees does 500g of beans make?

A bag of Coffee beans 500g can make up to 70 cups of coffee.

How much does bulk coffee cost?

Bulk coffee is a great way to save some money when buying coffee. Buying in bulk can help consumers save anywhere from 30 to 50 %.

Buying is bulk makes each cup of coffee cheaper. However, when buying a large amount of coffee, it's important to remember to store it properly to ensure the full taste of the beans will last.