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Yellow Bourbon Brazilian Coffee Beans

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Sweet lingering taste, with slight caramel undertones.

From the peaks of the Brazilian growing region comes this delicious single origin offering. Hand picked onto cloth, and rigorously graded for quality, these beans are the cream of the crop.

Available Sizes: 250g, 500g & 1kg

Available Types: Whole Bean, Espresso Ground & Plunger Ground

Sweet lingering taste, with slight caramel undertones.

Brazilian coffee beans

Our single-origin beans are sourced from lush, high-altitude Brazilian plantations and boast a sweet, prolonged flavour, with subtle caramel notes and a smooth finish. Handpicked and roasted on-site here in Australia, they really are the ‘bean’ of the crop.

High-altitude coffee beans from Brazil

Geography impacts the flavour of coffee beans in a big way, which is why top roasters are keen to source beans from countries and origins renowned for their coffee-growing climates, altitudes and nutrient-rich soils. Brazil is the perfect example of this!

Plants grown at higher altitudes produce harder, denser beans with diverse aromas and higher sugar concentrations. How? They’re privy to cooler climates, which slows growth and encourages bigger cherries.

Premium single-origin coffee

Single-origin, speciality coffee beans boast exotic tasting notes, bold aromas and robust flavours. Unlike coffee blends, which are the result of an amalgamation of several beans from numerous locations, single-origin coffee from Brazil is celebrated for its purity and quality, with each bean telling a story about its unique origin and the place in which it was grown.

Tasting notes

True connoisseurs look to five diverse elements when determining tasting notes in specialty coffees from Brazil, and coffee beans online. These include flavour, aroma, body, acid content, and aftertaste.

Premium, green Brazilian coffee beans boast smooth, nutty notes, a mild yet balanced flavour, and a bittersweet aftertaste, with a chocolate roast finish.

Why is Brazil a great place to source coffee?

Brazil's climate is one of the best in the world for growing coffee. Why? Because the majority of the country sits within a tropical zone. Plantations in this region are privy to humid, hot weather, ranging from temperate to tropic and rich, fertile soils. All of these factors make Brazil a prime region to both grow coffee crops and buy coffee.

Roasted with love on the Sunshine coast

Bespoke, premium Brazilian coffee is more than just great tasting coffee, it’s coffee crafted from high-quality Brazilian coffee beans, sourced from some of the finest plantations in the region, roasted in house by our expert coffee roasters and delivered directly to your door.

At Glass House Mountains Coffee, we pride ourselves on creating a premium coffee product that promises a positive experience for all involved, from the farmers in Brazil, to our roasters, and then our customers.

We do this by sourcing high altitude Brazilian coffee beans from quality plantations, farmed by reputable farmers. Once we have these coffee beans, we roast them on-site here in Australia, which allows us to tell you exactly what goes into every cup!

Our high-end roasting processes use pure, reverse osmosis grade water, which enables us to create a fresh roasted product free from machine pollutants and chemicals.

Whether you enjoy a cortado, espresso, creamy latte or cappuccino, our green, single-origin, Brazil coffee beans are high in nutrients and anti-oxidants - sourced, roasted and delivered directly to your door with a clean conscience. Want to know more? Subscribe to our newsletter today!

Reasons to buy coffee beans online

There are numerous benefits and reasons to buy Brazil coffee beans online, the first and foremost? Convenience. Having your favourite blends and the best coffee beans delivered directly to your door ensures access to barista-style coffee on tap!

Secondly? Every cup of coffee you create will be as fresh as it can be! Packaging, style, timeliness and environment all impact the freshness of your Brazil coffee beans. Ordering whole coffee beans from Brazil online will allow you to grind them to your preference moments before you make a brew, safeguarding the flavours, freshness and aroma of your brew.

When you buy Brazil coffee beans from our online store, you’re privy to the same product as your local barista, and the same freshness level you would experience if you visited our on-site roasters here in Australia.

Another reason? The variety available. No matter where you are located in the world, when you order online, we can deliver Brazil coffee beans of your preferred origin, size and roast directly to your door. Whether whole beans, espresso, ground or capsule form, we have coffee beans from Brazil to suit all coffee aficionados.

Finally, the price. Coffee beans ordered online are often better value than those purchased at your local store or barista, especially when bought in bulk or as part of a coffee subscription.

To purchase any one of our speciality coffees online, choose your preferred blend, select a size, add to cart and await the fresh-roasted , strong flavour Brazil’s coffees are famed for to be delivered directly to your door.

For more information on our Brazil blends and to be privy to the latest offers, subscribe to our newsletter.

Brazil coffee beans variations

Brazil is home to numerous high-quality plantations, all renowned for producing coffee of varying flavours. Brazilian coffee beans are celebrated for their sweet flavours, which linger on the tongue and their mild caramel undertones.

The single-origin beans we source from Brazilian plantations are handpicked onto cloth and scrutinised to ensure the utmost quality.

Available in a variety of sizes comprising 250g, 500g and 1kg and various styles, including Whole Bean, Espresso Ground and Plunger Ground, there are Brazilian coffees to suit all tastes - even those of the most discerning coffee connoisseurs.

Whole Beans

When you buy whole bean coffee, you’re buying the best coffee beans in their original form. These beans are highly versatile, promise optimal freshness and can be ground moments before making a brew. The result? A series of complex, fresh flavours that provide that heady coffee aroma associated with your favourite barista.

Espresso Ground

Espresso ground coffee comes in the shape of a darker roast, which results in a smoky bourbon flavour that is still mild enough to enjoy at any time of the day. This finely ground style from Brazil is perfectly suited to a drip brew coffee maker, and an ideal option for those who don’t have the tools to grind coffee beans at home, yet still wish to create speciality coffees brimming with flavour on tap.

Plunger Ground

A must-buy for those who require a coarser grind, which has been tailored for use in a plunger - anything finer and the coffee particles will fall through the filter. Plunger ground coffee can be brewed for a total of four minutes without becoming bitter. The result? Fresh, strong, grade-a Arabica coffee with hints of bourbon, chocolate and caramel.

Coffee machine capsules

Own a Nespresso machine? Coffee capsules are a convenient alternative to whole beans and plunger ground products. Each capsule contains the perfect amount of coffee grinds to create your preferred brew. Simply pop a pod in your machine, press a button and voila! Coffee on tap from the comfort of your own home or office. As well as being highly convenient, coffee pods ensure your coffee grounds stay fresh for longer.

Why choose us?

Our select green bean buyers purchase bespoke beans from some of the world’s most sought-after, high-altitude plantations from a variety of premium coffee regions across the globe. These beans are then ground on-site by our expert roasters right here in Australia.

Whether you’re looking for a quick-fix or a long-term subscription, our quality products have been tailored to your needs. Instead of buying coffee, we want you to buy into an experience, which is why we offer a wide range of beans and blends, all crafted to invigorate your body, soul and mind.

From bean to blend, we put passion into all that we do, from sourcing beans in Brazil to working alongside reputable farmers, to roasting our products and delivering them to your door. Simply visit our website, choose a selection of speciality coffees and add to cart.


What makes Brazilian coffee good?

The best Brazilian coffee beans boast sweet caramel undertones perfectly complemented by bittersweet bourbon and dark chocolate flavours. Each variant offers a full-bodied smoothness, low acidity and a slight nuttiness. This profile is what makes speciality Brazilian coffee beans the perfect base for long black blends and strong, flavoured brews.

What does Brazilian coffee taste like?

This is dependent on the roast and the region. Most coffee connoisseurs prefer the taste of medium to dark roasted Brazilian beans. Our green beans are low in acidity, boast a nutty, caramel flavour and a slightly bitter, chocolatey edge.

Is Brazilian Coffee arabica?

Arabica coffee beans are prevalent in both Brazil and across the globe. Today, these beans make up around 70% of global coffee production, with robusta beans accounting for the remaining 30%.

How do you roast Brazilian coffees?

To avoid an overpowering bitter taste, it’s important to source Brazilian beans from expert roasters. Medium to dark roasts promises the right level of acidity, a slight cocoa bitterness, a full body and nutty, caramel undertones.

Why is high-altitude coffee the best?

Altitude plays an important part in coffee production and the quality of the bean in Brazil. The higher the elevation, the longer the maturation process! What does this mean for the coffee plant? Fruit-bearing dense, complex sugars, harvested to create richer, more enthralling flavours - it’s these intense flavours that give Brazilian coffee its status.

Another reason coffee connoisseurs and baristas prefer beans grown at higher altitudes is that farms in these regions can offer better drainage to their plants. Asides from slowing down growth, this reduces the fruit’s water consumption and ensures a fuller, more potent flavor.

Is Australia a good place for coffee production?

Australia is situated close to some of the best coffee growing regions in the world. Our roasters benefit from easy access to numerous top plantations in a variety of regions, including Brazil. Being able to source beans from reputable farmers across the globe and roast them on-site here in Australia allows us to produce a variety of whole beans, ground coffee products and roasts.

All of these items can be delivered directly to your door, ensuring you have access to fresh coffee on tap, morning, noon and night!

Which country is the largest producer of green coffee?

Brazil is the largest producer of quality coffee on the planet. This country accounts for an impressive 40 per cent of all global coffee supplies. Vietnam follows closely behind and is the second-largest producer of fresh roasted coffee to date, producing 20 per cent of industry supplies.