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Single Origin Nicaraguan Coffee Beans

Smooth | Cinnamon | Almond

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Available Sizes: 250g, 500g & 1kg

Available Types: Whole Bean, Espresso Ground & Plunger Ground

Smooth finish, with cinnamon & almond notes

Nicaraguan coffee beans

With a palatable, well-balanced flavour, it’s little wonder Nicaraguan coffee is a go-to for coffee connoisseurs across the globe.

This java-driven region is renowned for producing quality beans that boast a complex palette, diverse roast, crisp acidity and medium to smooth body.


Premium single-origin beans from Nicaragua

Asides from their smooth flavour and fresh acidity, our Nicaraguan coffee beans have a fruity, defined edge, off-set by honey, chocolate and citrus undertones. The result? A brew that is bittersweet and balanced.

Our premium single-origin beans from Nicaragua are not only sourced from reputable plantations, they’re available in three handy sizes; 250g, 500g and 1kg, in Whole Bean, Espresso Ground and Plunger Ground varieties.

All of our coffees can be purchased from our online store and delivered directly to your door.


High-altitude coffee production for the best taste

Coffee plants grown in Nicaragua are ‘high grown’, with 95% of the plants in this country being ‘shade-grown’. It’s the high level of these estates and farms that gives Nicaragua coffee its status.

Why? Because the best beans are cultivated at impressive altitudes of 3600 to 5250 feet. This makes this part of the world one of the most successful coffee production markets on the planet to date.


What makes Nicaraguan Coffee unique?

Nicaraguan coffee plants are mainly composed of high-quality Arabica styles, spanning from Yellow and Red Catuai, Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra, Maragogype, Typica, Pacamara and Maracaturra varieties - all are grown in the shade at impressively high altitudes.

Jinotega is the region’s biggest coffee industry producer, with Matagalpa and Nueva Segovia next on the list. All of these Nicaraguan coffee growing regions yield some of the most exquisite Arabica coffee beans on the market, with each style boasting unique characteristics.

Good Nicaraguan coffees should embody a crisp flavour, medium roast, and great balance. Looking to buy certified Nicaragua coffee? You can do so at the click of a button! Our Nicaragua coffee is available in three sizes and varieties and can be delivered directly to your door.

Tasting notes

Nicaragua coffee beans are well-rounded, boast a clean acidity and a medium to smooth edge with a crisp, rich fruity palette. They’re famed for their chocolate, caramel and citrus elements. The result? Coffee boasting a bittersweet, bright aroma, with dark undertones.


Central American coffee roasted in Australia

With access to reputable coffee farms, private plantations and estates across the globe, we’re able to trade with some of the best production regions in Central America. To ensure optimal freshness, roasting is completed in house by our expert roasters in Australia.

Regardless of the region or variety, we have a bespoke blend and flavour to suit all coffee enthusiasts, including beans from Segovia, Jinotega and Matagalpa.

At Glass House Mountains, we pride ourselves on being part of a coffee industry that is positive for everyone involved, from the growing and buying process to the roast methods and customer service, our aim is to ensure an exceptional coffee experience from the get-go.

Our high-standard roasting processes use distilled reverse osmosis grade water to ensure a green product free from chemicals, unnatural pesticides and machine contaminants.

Whether you enjoy a flat white, creamy cappuccino or cold brew, our certified industry-standard coffee promises a fresh, fragrant aroma and rich flavour.

Why choose us?

At Glass House Mountains Coffee, we’re passionate about every part of the process, from bean to blend. Our aim? To deliver the ultimate coffee experience to all of our customers - irrespective of where they are.

How do we do this? By working alongside a select network of celebrated green, organic coffee buyers, investing in bespoke beans from reputable high altitude regions, spanning from Nicaragua to Papua New Guinea and everywhere in between.

Our in-house artisan roasters pride themselves on creating a product that is fresh and flavoursome and promises the perfect cup of coffee morning, noon and night, bringing pleasure to coffee connoisseurs all over the world.

To us, coffee is more than your morning brew - it’s an experience that can be enjoyed at any time of the day, from anywhere. To ensure the ultimate coffee journey, our philosophy is one of exceeding expectations across every area of our brand. Whether visiting our plantation or buying organic green coffee from our website, we pour passion into every cup.



Is Nicaraguan coffee good?

Renowned for its sweet, rounded profile, beans from the Nicaragua coffee region are highly sought after. Both the geographical location and climate make this region in Central America one of the best places to grow beans in the country.

What does Nicaraguan coffee taste like?

Flavours span from citrus to mild fruitiness, to floral and chocolate notes with nutty, toasted undertones and a vanilla, honey finish. Those searching for a fragrant yet level product will enjoy all that Nicaraguan coffee has to offer.

Why is coffee from a high-altitude coffee plant better?

Coffee plants grown at high altitudes are undeniable more flavoursome and bolder than beans grown at lower altitudes. Why? High altitudes provide a harsher environment, which forces coffee beans to grow at a slower pace.

This encourages complex sugars to form, resulting in a large fruit or cherry, and ultimately, coffees that pack a punch!

Are Central American coffees as good as South American?

Coffee from the Americas is celebrated for its balanced, bright appeal. The coffees found in these regions boast a sweet aroma balanced by a crisp, energetic acidity, which depending on the area, can be slightly spicy. Brazil is one of the largest producers of coffee in South America.

The coffee trade in the North Central region however is big on importing Nicaraguan coffee from areas including Nueva Segovia, Jinotega, Matagalpa and Maragogype. These coffees range from medium to bold in style, with their tell-tale feature being their nutty and chocolatey characteristics.