Melbourne's Best Coffee Beans & Coffee Subscription

You can get freshly roasted coffee from award-winning, high-altitude farms delivered straight to your door when you order from Glass House Mountains Coffee roasters.

All our coffee beans are lovingly handpicked from a range of ethical and sustainable coffee farms, and then hand-roasted right here on the Sunshine Coast with our very own brewing equipment. It's because of this that we can ensure that our brew is the very best: both here at our cafe and shipped to your door.

What's more, our whole team of coffee roasters are dedicated to the great coffee cause, meaning that we strive to provide the very best customer service as well as the very best beans. You're in safe hands when you get roasted coffee from Glass House Mountains.

Where Can I Buy Coffee Beans In Melbourne?

You can get freshly roasted coffee beans from the comfort of your couch with our online delivery service. You can even get free shipping when you spend over $99!

Whether you want coffee beans for your morning cuppa or as a work supply, you don't want to waste time and money on a bad brew. Start your morning off the right way with a coffee brewed from your favourite single-origin Costa Rican beans; or why not try our own expertly created signature blend?

Our central location on the Sunshine Coast means we can offer a straightforward delivery service to all of Melbourne: and why not try out our subscription service, to make sure you never have to go without freshly roasted coffee. Simply choose your blend from our online website, and we'll handle the rest!

Our Range Of Single Origin Coffees

Every coffee growing region produces coffee beans with a distinctive taste, which means that single-origin coffees are all unique. There's a reason many coffee aficionados have a favourite bean: you truly can taste the difference!

Whatever the origin, you can be certain that all of our coffee beans are selected from ethical and sustainable high-altitude farms. They are then roasted on-site with our own brewing equipment and by our own coffee roasters to ensure a consistently high-quality brew.

You can find a wide range of single-origin coffees on our online site for those who prefer the distinctive flavour of a certain region:

Why Choose Glass House As Your Melbourne Coffee Roaster?

Choosing Glass House Mountains as your Melbourne coffee roasters will mean that you're choosing consistently high-quality, ethical, sustainable and incredibly tasty coffee.

Unlike many coffee roasters, we won't purchase coffee from the open market, because we can't guarantee the growing conditions of the beans or the working conditions of the employees. Nobody wants bad karma with their coffee beans, so we think it's essential to source directly from high-quality, ethical farms.

This means that the workers growing your coffee are paid fair wages, work in fair conditions and that the coffee beans are farmed sustainably: it's a great way to ensure your coffee carbon footprint is as low as possible!

Once we've secured the very best beans, we then oversee the roasting process onsite to ensure that no nasty chemicals are used and implement stringent quality controls. It's this roasting process that allows us to bring you the best coffee in Melbourne!

Subscribe & Save 5%!

For seamless convenience (and free shipping), why not try out our online coffee subscription service, so you can get your favourite bean delivered to your home or office regularly before you run out.

Whether you're an espresso connoisseur or a latte fanatic, great coffee makes a big difference to your morning cuppa. Never again will you be without high-quality beans with our fully customisable subscription offering: you can choose beans or pods, the type of coffee bean, as well as delivery frequency.

What's more, with our subscriptions, you can save up to 5% on your online coffee order. Get the best deal on the best beans in town!

Looking For Something Different?

Although we use beans to manufacture our café blend, coffee pods have become one of the most popular ways for Melbourne coffee aficionados to obtain their daily espresso dose in recent years.

We felt that coffee pod users shouldn't miss out on our premium-tasting beans, so we filled our own pods with our high-altitude beans for a luxurious coffee pod experience.

If you have a pod-based machine, take a look at our online collection:


What are the best coffee beans to buy in Australia?

We might be biased, but we think we sell some of the finest coffee beans in Australia from high-quality, ethical farms. If your cart is empty, what are you waiting for?!

How much does 1kg of coffee beans cost?

Our 1kg bags of coffee beans range from $38-$52. Our most cost-friendly option is our very own signature blend: great for espresso lovers and cappuccino fans alike!

Which type of coffee bean is the most healthy?

We oversee our own on-site roasting process, which means that we ensure we only use the purest osmosis grade water and add no extra chemicals. This means that all of our beans are as healthy as can be.

Is it cheaper to buy ground or whole bean coffee?

We offer 1kg bags of ground coffee at the same price as our whole bean packs. We would always recommend buying whole bean coffee for the best flavour: this is certainly the freshest option.

Should you put coffee beans in the refrigerator?

Seriously, no. Putting coffee beans in the fridge actually ages them faster, and they act as deodorizers, which means they absorb all the aromas in your fridge (and nobody wants an onion tasting roast).