Light roast coffee beans

Have you ever taken a sip of a coffee that's full of flavour - and has a noticeably fruity taste? If so, then there's a good chance it was made with a lightly roasted bean.

A light roast tends to keep the bean's original flavours and let specific notes shine through. This is mainly because the bean was roasted for a shorter time and retained much of its original flavour.

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What are light roast coffee beans?

All coffee beans start as green, and once they are harvested and roasted, they're ready to make coffee.

When coffee first originated, dark roasts were more common. However, 

this has changed in recent years because farmers have developed different roasting and growth strategies. These advances - and the improved coffee beans produced as a result - have made light roasting much more popular. 

Once roasted, a light roast tends to be a light brown and will have a matte texture. Flavours commonly associated with a light roast include fruity, citrus, and berry. 

Lightly roasted beans can withstand hot water longer than medium and dark roasts. This is because the beans are initially roasted for a short period, so they can sit in the heat without burning. Because of this, lightly roasted beans are perfect for filtered coffee.

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Types of Coffee Beans Which Come in a Light Roast

All types of beans can be lightly roasted - it simply means that the coffee beans are roasted for a shorter period and with less heat - which allows more of the original flavours to shine through compared to other roasts. This type of roast is recommended for a filter coffee but isn't recommended to be used in espresso.


What coffee is a light roast?

Light roasted coffee beans are usually light brown in colour and have a matte finish. Most of them have fruity or citrus notes.

Who has the best light roast coffee?

The best light roast coffee comes down to personal preference. There is a wide range of flavours available in light roast beans. To select your favourite, you can try our smaller 500g bags until you find your perfect bean.

What is the lightest roast?

As their name suggests, light roast beans are a light roast. However, there is one type of roast that is even lighter. A white coffee roast is the lightest bean on the market. 

A white roast shouldn't be confused with a white coffee. White roasted beans are typically half roasted and tend to be much denser than other types of roasts. As a result, it is the highest concentration of caffeine per bean due to lower roast times. 

Is light roast the strongest coffee?

A lightly roasted bean has slightly more caffeine than a medium or dark roast because the beans have been roasted for less time.

However, as mentioned above, a prepared light roast coffee has approximately the same amount of caffeine as a medium or darkly roasted coffee. This is because lightly roasted beans weigh more than medium or dark roasted beans.

How strong is light roast coffee?

Light roast coffees are slightly stronger than dark roast coffees when the amount is measured by coffee bean and not by weight.

Which is stronger coffee light roast or dark roast?

They are the same if measured by weight, but light roasts are stronger when measured by bean.

What is the difference between light roast coffee and medium roast coffee?

A light roast has been roasted for a shorter time, allowing more of the original flavour to remain. The beans are lighter in colour and less oily than their more heavily roasted counterparts. Medium roast coffees have some of the same traits as a light roast but they also adapt some of the characteristics of a dark roast.