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Colombian Coffee Beans

Strong | Full bodied | Dark Chocolate

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Strong, full bodied flavour. Hints of dark chocolate aroma.

From the mist-covered peaks of Colombia’s highest altitude estates, these Colombian beans are a sure pick for lovers of strong, full bodied coffee.

Available Sizes: 250g, 500g & 1kg

Available Types: Whole Bean, Espresso Ground & Plunger Ground

Complex character, intense & full bodied

Colombian coffee beans

Colombian coffee beans are famed across the globe for their undeniably rich yet mild aroma and unique, smooth flavour. Searching for specialty coffee beans? You’ve come to the right place! From whole beans to espresso ground, to plunger ground and coffee pods, we have a blend to suit all!


Single-origin specialty coffee beans

Single-origin speciality beans from Colombia are preferred by coffee aficionados wishing to create the perfect brew from the comfort of their home.

Single-origin, as the name suggests, simply refers to beans derived from ‘one origin’ as opposed to blends of several variants. Our Colombia single-origin specialty coffees have been sourced from one plantation to ensure optimal quality.

High-altitude growth for premium flavour

Premium Arabica beans prefer high altitudes. Why? Fresher, consistent and cooler climates provide the perfect conditions for Columbia coffee plants to thrive in. Beans grown in fertile volcanic soil, at heights of 4000 - 6,000 feet create specialty coffees with concentrated flavours that pack a punch.

Tasting notes

Traditional Colombian coffee beans offer a mature acidity, with hints of sweet caramel, and often, a nutty undertone. These medium-bodied beans are renowned for their unique flavour across the globe.


Why is Colombia one of the best coffee destinations?

Colombia boasts both an exceptional location and climate, perfect for growing plants. In fact, quality Columbian coffee beans can be grown all year round.

Coffee farmers in this region only harvest beans of the highest ranking to ensure the utmost in taste, aroma and body. It’s this dedication that makes Columbia one of the best coffee destinations in the world and a top producer of mild roast Columbian coffee beans.


Carefully roasted here in Australia

Our elite green bean buyers source beans from some of the most prestigious high altitude regions in Colombia. Once in Australia, our artisan coffee roasters work their magic to create blends of all styles and flavours, which can be ordered online and delivered directly to your door.

We’re passionate about our coffees and want to ensure a little of this passion goes into every cup! Our cold brew and roast techniques promise a fresh, flavour-packed product, achieved by using the finest reverse osmosis grade water.

The result? Green Columbian coffee beans free from chemicals and machine contaminants - whatever your preferred roast.


Types of Colombian coffee beans we stock

Our Columbian coffee beans are full-bodied, rich in flavour and feature a delicious dark chocolate aroma. Derived from Columbia’s misty peaks, and the highest altitude farms in the region, our Colombian coffee beans are a must-buy for those who enjoy coffee that promises a brain-boosting bold flavour and a unique roast.

Our Columbian coffee beans are available in several sizes including 250g, 500g and 1kg, and various styles, all of which can be ordered from our online store - either as a one-off purchase or as part of a subscription.

Whole Beans

Whole bean Colombian coffee beans are a great choice for coffee connoisseurs wishing to grind their own roast at home. To ensure the ultimate flavour, grind them just a few moments prior to making your favourite brew.

The result? A series of fresh, heady complex flavours and aromas. Whole Colombian coffee beans, in their original format, last a lot longer than pre-ground products and are a great item to have in stock.

Espresso Ground

Espresso grounds offer smokier flavours to conventional coffees, due to a darker roast technique. They’re extremely finely ground and offer a smooth taste and rich aroma.

Plunger Ground

Coffees from Colombia, unlike espresso ground, are coarser in style. When crafting the perfect brew at home, you can tailor plunger grounds to your exact tastes, by adding more grounds and less water for a stronger flavour, or vice versa for a milder roast.

Nespresso capsules

Our Colombia pods are compatible with all Nespresso machines, which makes them a great alternative to those looking to experience Colombian coffees at home, without the need to venture to their nearest store to stock up on green beans.


Why order coffee beans online?

Fancy yourself as an expert barista? Buying coffee beans online and having them delivered directly to your door is one way to do just this! When placing orders online, you're investing in a product that offers the same level of freshness as the products found in your favourite barista.

Asides from proving an extremely convenient way to get your caffeine fix, morning, noon and night, ordering coffees online often proves better value for money.



What does Colombian coffee taste like?

Colombian coffees boast a classic profile of strong, sweet caramel, mellow acidity and a slightly nutty undertone. It’s this medium-bodied, sweet flavour that gives Colombian coffee its renowned status.

Want to find out for yourself? Order coffee beans online. E-mail us today to discover more about our products, shipping costs, and coffee production methods. All orders placed at our online store will be delivered directly to your door.

What is the best type of Colombian coffee?

Colombia is home to plantations offering some of the best coffee bean growing conditions in the world, which makes it one of the biggest, most successful coffee production industries to date.

It boasts an idyllic climate and location, and coffee beans that produce mild yet rich flavours, smooth, heady aromas and delicious underlying nutty, chocolate notes. The higher the altitude, the more flavoursome the bean.

Is Colombian Coffee the best coffee in the world?

Colombian coffee is celebrated worldwide for its delicious profile and extreme roast quality. Unlike low-quality beans, which can boast a bitter finish, plants grown in this region offer much stronger flavours and a more full-bodied aroma.

Colombian coffee beans, due to geography and the farming practices in place, are able to maintain their flavour integrity, irrespective of how intense the brewing method.

Is Colombian coffee healthy?

Beans from this part of the world, like many variants, contain nutrients including Pantothenic Acid, Riboflavin, Manganese, Potassium, Niacin and Magnesium. All of these nutrients are beneficial to our health, with many studies stating regular consumption lowers the risk of type II diabetes.