Filter coffee beans

With so many methods available for brewing coffee, it can be hard to determine which is best for you. The issue gets further complicated when you consider that different methods of brewing require different grind sizes. 

However, filter coffee is one of the easiest ways to make a fresh brew. And, when done correctly, it creates a delicious cup of coffee.

Here, we explain how to make it, what coffee bean grind is best and answer some frequently asked questions about filtered coffee.

What are filter coffee beans?

It is essential to choose the right bean when making filtered coffee. Good filtered coffee requires medium-coarse coffee beans. These beans can be pre-ground, or you can use a coffee grinder to grind them up yourself.

To make a filter coffee, simply put the ground beans in a filter that's placed over a cup or mug. Next, you'll pour some hot water over the coffee and wait while the brewed coffee drips into the mug.

While any type of coffee bean can be used to make filter coffee, it is recommended to use a lighter roast due. This is because hot water tends to stay on the light roast ground coffee for a longer amount of time as compared to a dark roast. Then means that the flavour has more time to infuse.

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Types of Filter Coffee Beans

There are countless variations of different coffees available on the market. When it comes to filtered coffee, we recommend picking a lighter roast. This type of coffee bean is favoured by coffee connoisseurs all over the world for filtered coffee. The light roast lets the coffee bean be exposed to hot water for a longer amount of time, which allows the flavours to percolate. 

Dark roasts aren't recommended for filtered coffee because they have already been roasted for a considerable time. So, when it is exposed to hot water for some time (such as in a filtered brew), the bean can overcook and produce a bitter taste.

Ways of brewing filter coffee beans

There are many ways to create a great filtered coffee. The simplest way is described above: using a filter over a mug and letting the coffee drip in. However, there are many other ways to create filtered coffees. For example, using a pour-over/ drip coffee cone, pour-over/ drip Chemex, and/or AeroPress.


how to store filter coffee

The best way to store filtered coffee is to keep it properly sealed in a cool and dark place. Oxygen, sunlight and heat can all negatively affect the taste of coffee beans.  

how long does filter coffee last

If the bag of coffee is vacuum sealed and has never been opened, it can easily last 6-9 months. If the coffee has been open but is stored correctly, whole coffee beans can last up to six months. 

What coffee bean is used for filter coffee?

Any beans can work, but it's recommended to use a light roast and a medium to coarse grind.

Which roast is best for filter coffee?

A lighter roast can handle a significant amount of time in hot water without burning.

What is the difference between ground coffee and filter coffee?

Ground coffee and filter coffee both use regular coffee beans - there aren't specialty coffee beans for the two types of brews. However, as the name implies, ground coffee is just that; coffee grounds, while filtered coffee isn't necessarily ground yet. They also have different brewing methods.

Can I use espresso roast beans for filter coffee?

You can; however, we wouldn't recommend this because darker espresso roasts may burn if it sits in hot water for too long. Dark roasted coffee beans are recommended to be used in an espresso machine.