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Guatemalan Coffee Beans

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Spicy and Crisp with a lingering aftertaste.

Picked by the most passionate coffee farmers in Guatemala, these beans are notable for the attention to detail put into their care. Scarce with limited availability, the private estate is a passion project of its owner. Taste the passion.

Available Sizes: 250g and 500g

Available Types: Whole Bean, Espresso Ground & Plunger Ground

Spicy and Crisp with a lingering aftertaste.

Guatemalan coffee beans

Crisp yet spicy with a lasting aftertaste, our Guatemalan coffee beans are celebrated for their unique flavour, full-body, medium acidity, chocolate undertones and heady sweetness.

Handpicked by reputable farmers who share our passion for quality coffee, these beans are renowned for their rarity, sustainability and distinct palette.

High-altitude coffee from Guatemala

Coffee beans from this part of the globe are farmed at altitudes spanning impressive heights. It’s these heights that add to their distinct, bold flavour - a flavour Guatemala coffee beans are renowned for.

Coffee beans grown at high elevations produce high-quality fruit, which is why connoisseurs prefer to drink single-origin styles and blends curated from high-elevation plantations. Why? Because they produce quality, green beans that boast highly intense, rich-tasting notes - something coffee beans grown at lower levels are unable to provide.

The reason for this? The cooler climate and volcanic soil, which results in a slower growth rate and a more concentrated, flavoursome fruit.

What makes Guatemala coffee beans unique?

Our Guatemala coffee beans grow at an altitude of 5,000 plus feet. This elevation combined with the ideal coffee growing subtropical climate and the fertile, nutrient-rich volcanic soil is what gives beans from this region their robust, characteristic flavour.

Plants grown at the highest elevations, such as Huehuetenango coffee beans or plants cultivated in the Antigua region, boast brighter, bolder flavours spanning from citrus to green apple to berries.

Tasting notes

Coffee from this country is renowned for its medium to full body flavour and low acidity. Guatemala coffee beans boast sweet floral elements and a chocolate finish. Certain styles boast creamy, nutty, toffee flavours, others offer a bittersweet cocoa taste, and depending on the roasting methods and region, a few Nuevo variants boast smoky undertones.

The amalgamation of heady sweetness, mild acidity and full-bodied flavour, makes our beans from Guatemala extremely versatile and suited to a wide range of tastes, whether you prefer a long black or strong cold brew.

Grown in Guatemala, roasted on the Sunshine Coast

Searching for bespoke beans and a unique coffee experience? You’ve come to the right place! Our coffee products are selected from some of the finest private plantations on the planet, roasted here on-site in Australia by our expert roasters and delivered directly to your door. We pride ourselves on providing a quality product that mirrors our exceptional service.

Guatemalan coffee beans for every brew method

There are numerous Guatemalan coffee variants to choose from, including everything from cappuccinos to espressos to cortados and more. Our Guatemalan coffee beans, when ordered via our website and delivered directly to your door, will allow you to become an expert, at-home barista in no time!

Available in a variety of sizes, including 250g and 500g, and styles comprising Whole Bean, Espresso Ground and Plunger Ground, there is something to suit all coffee connoisseurs. Whether based in Australia or further afield, you can now buy premium dark roast coffee from our website. Simply choose your bean preference, add to cart and await your delivery.

Whole beans

Our Whole Bean coffee is a great option for those looking to recreate that strong aroma the best coffee is famed for! Unlike plunger and espresso ground, it’s the customer who is responsible for grinding the beans to their preference. The result? A versatile product that boasts complex and fresh flavours.

Espresso ground

These grounds come in the shape of a darker roasted coffee with mild acidity and a smoky edge. This fine grind is the perfect choice for those who prefer a stronger brew that packs a punch!

Plunger ground

This grind is coarser in style and a must for those who prefer to brew their beans using a plunger. Too fine a grind and you’ll end up with particles in your cup! This grind can be tailored to your tastes to create both strong and milder coffees. Simply adjust the measures of your product and water.


Is Guatemala known for coffee?

There are a total of seven key growing regions in Guatemala. The most prevalent coffee plantations are Huehuetenango, Antigua and Atitlan. Each area boasts unique farming methods, microclimates, volcanic soil and organic growing conditions. The result? A variety of diverse, rich flavours that translate into every cup.

Is Guatemalan Coffee Dark Roast?

Home to an impressive seven notable coffee production regions, with Atitlan, Huehuetenango, and Antigua the most sought after areas. Each of these regions provides coffee plants with the perfect growing conditions and microclimates.

The majority of Guatemalan coffees create a medium to dark roast cup of coffee, with notes of cocoa and lemon. It’s a bold, yet balanced bright brew with a smooth finish. The reason for its delicious tasting notes? Guatemala’s perfect coffee growing climate.

This region is famed as one of the best places for coffee plants to thrive. It’s little surprise this country is one of the most prevalent producers of organic Arabica beans.

Is Central American Coffee good?

Central America is famed for its production of a variety of bespoke roast coffee products, with the likes of the renowned Tarrazu, said to be one of the greatest coffees in existence. Boasting clean, light tasting notes and a wonderfully smooth, floral aroma, it’s a popular choice for coffee connoisseurs across the globe.

Costa Rica is another Central American area famed for its coffee farms and high altitude plantations, with Arabica coffee beans being a specialty product here.

What do Guatemalan coffee beans taste like?

Boasting full-bodied, sweet, balanced flavours with a hint of chocolate and mild acidity, Guatemalan coffee is a popular choice for those who enjoy both creamy, nutty and toffee undertones, as well as those who embrace coffees with a more bittersweet cocoa taste.

Want to find out for yourself? Order coffee beans online today! Whether you opt to buy coffee as a one-off purchase, or as part of an organic subscription, we’re happy to deliver Guatemalan Coffees directly to your door, irrespective of what country you’re based in.