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Award Winning Buena Vista

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A beautiful High Altitude Micro Cropped Coffee with hints of peach with spicy undertones. Lightly roasted for the full flavour of this delicious coffee. Buenavista makes for the perfect dessert. A rare opportunity to purchase this coffee only while stocks last.

AWARD WINNING: Cup of excellence 2015

Available Sizes: 250g & 500g

Available Types: Whole Bean, Espresso Ground & Plunger Ground

Peach with Spicy undertones and a subtle sweetness

Buena Vista Coffee

Columbia is renowned worldwide for its exceptional coffee, and within this area, so is Buena Vista. With its unique landscapes, spanning misty mountain peaks, lush rainforests and effervescent coastlines, it’s here you’ll discover a wide range of certified coffee plantations, producing bespoke, single-origin coffee beans.


If it’s a smooth finish, delicious aroma and unswerving profile you desire, Buena Vista coffee beans should be your go-to. This versatile, dynamic blend is perfectly suited to a range of brewing tools and promises a rich, powerful flavour - morning, noon or night.

Award-winning single-origin coffee beans

Our award-winning high altitude, single-origin coffee beans are available for a limited time only. Awarded ‘Cup of Excellence 2015’, these beans boast spicy undertones and an edge of peach - a little like a desert in a cup, only without the cavities!


Expertly roasted to ensure the freshest, richest flavour, Buena Vista coffee is enjoyed by coffee enthusiasts all over the world.

Exclusive and rare

Looking to broaden your coffee horizons? Look no further! Our exclusive, bespoke Buena Vista beans pose a rare opportunity to invest in a unique grind, but only while stocks last!


All of our single-origin coffee is roasted on-site here in Australia and when ordered online, can be delivered directly to your door - allowing you to wake up to the sweet aromas of quality coffee every morning!

Gently roasted for delicate flavours

If like us, you prefer coffee that boasts unique, rich and fragrant flavours, you will need to ensure you’re investing in a grind that has been skilfully roasted. Poor roasting techniques can cause coffee beans to lose their original profile.

Tasting notes

Our Buena Vista coffee beans are characterised by their unique structure and full body. Boasting tasting notes of sweet caramel, peach and dark chocolate, these beans are an ideal option for those with a sweet tooth.

What makes high-altitude coffee beans so good?

High altitude coffees are privy to some of the best growing conditions and climates in the world. For a start, coffee plants grown at higher elevations have access to better drainage, which lowers water levels in the fruit. The result? Coffee beans that pack a punch and a brew that promises a variety of diverse flavours.


Some of the world's most celebrated coffee beans are harvested at heights of 1200m and 1800m. When it comes to the roasting process, coffee beans grown at these heights require more in-depth roasting measures, which encourages sugars to caramelise, creating tasting notes that are smooth yet complex.

Buena Vista coffee grind options

Our delicious High Altitude Micro Cropped Coffee boasts a palette of peach, outlined by spicy undertones. We lightly roast our beans in-house to ensure a full, fresh flavour that promises to enliven your senses. A cup of our award-winning Buena Vista coffee is a perfect treat post dinner, and one that promises a dessert in a cup.


With limited stocks available, our Buena Vista grind options offer coffee connoisseurs a rare opportunity to purchase a unique, high profile blend. Available in a variety of sizes, including 250g and 500g, and styles, comprising Whole Bean, Espresso Ground and Plunger Ground, there is an offering to suit all!

Whole bean

If you wish to achieve that freshly ground coffee aroma, normally associated with your favourite barista, buying whole bean coffee is a must! Waiting to grind your beans until you're ready to brew them is a great way to ensure flavours stay intact.


Whole beans are also the perfect option for those who prefer various styles of coffee, created using a variety of apparatus. Why? Because you get to decide the grind size!

Espresso ground

Espresso grounds boast a darker roast, which results in slightly smokier tasting notes - an ideal pick-me-up and the perfect blend to add to your daily coffee ritual. The ways these beans are ground determines their unique flavour profile and caffeine content.

Plunger ground

Plungers require a coarser grind. Why? Too fine a grind can lead to flavour loss, whilst the mesh filter in your plunger necessitates a coarser grind to function. Anything finer will end up in your cup!

Why choose us?

If you appreciate the fine tastes, exquisite aromas, and inspiring sensations specialty coffees bring to your day, it’s important to source beans from reputable plantations and expert roasters. We pour passion into every bean, grind and cup of high-altitude coffee roasted on-site to ensure the perfect palette of intense flavours. This is why we’re world-class roasters!


You can order all of our coffee beans online at the touch of the button, either as a one-off purchase or as a monthly subscription. Each purchase will be hand packed on site and delivered directly to your door, allowing you access to a wide range of coffee beans on tap, at any time of the day!



Are high-altitude coffee beans the best?

The height at which coffee plants are grown has a huge effect on their flavour. Coffee beans grown at higher altitudes boast more complex tasting notes, bolder aromas and smoother flavours. These diverse flavours are the result of perfect climates and temperatures.

What does single-origin mean?

Single-origin coffee beans are sourced from a single origin, such as one plantation, estate or farm. Unlike blended variants, single-origin beans boast a series of sought-after characteristics and distinct tastes unique to their region. Both baristas and coffee enthusiasts tend to prefer this style of bean.

What’s the best grind size for a french press?

To create the perfect brew at home, the size of your grind must compliment your coffee brewer. If not, flavours will appear imbalanced. Whether you buy whole beans and grind your coffee at home, or choose the convenience of pre-ground, it’s important to select the correct style to ensure the ultimate coffee experience.


French press coffee requires an even, coarse grind. Fine grinds will only get trapped in the filter! For best results, opt for a 1:12 coffee-to-water ratio, such as 30 grams of coffee, and 350 grams of water.