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Papua New Guinea Coffee Pods

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A single origin smooth full body stronger coffee sensation, exhibiting tasting notes of – Citrus/Peach/Melon/Raisin Designed to fit NESPRESSO brand coffee machines.

NESPRESSO PODS: (Pack of 9 pods / 66g)

Complex character, intense & full bodied

PNG Coffee Pods

For beans that are balanced, and boast a deliciously diverse range of tasting notes, Papua New Guinea coffee is your go-to. Enjoyed by connoisseurs across the globe for their earthy, robust and exotic taste, PNG pods are a popular option for those looking to experience a bespoke product brimming with flavour and intensity.


Single-origin coffee from Papua New Guinea

Looking to add a fresh, unique flavour to your cup, make your next coffee purchase a pack of single-origin coffee bean pods. Expertly roasted to ensure a balanced yet powerful flavour, these quality beans are celebrated across the globe for their pure, natural, un-processed taste.


What makes Papua New Guinean coffee beans so special?

Beans from PNG are grown on extremely fertile volcanic slopes upon the highlands of Papua New Guinea, a region renowned for its impressive climate and rich soil - and an ideal place to grow plants free from chemical pesticides.

Coffee plants grown at higher altitudes in the breathtaking highlands of Papua New Guinea produce fewer cherries. This isn’t a bad thing, as the fruit they do produce is often more concentrated, which results in a product full of flavour, with a fruity taste and sweet woody aroma!


Lovingly roasted on the Sunshine Coast

Our expert roasters on the Sunshine Coast put passion into every PNG pod created, whether you prefer espresso Papua New Guinea coffee, cappuccinos or cold brews, there is something to please all.

From bean to blend, we ensure the growing, farming and roasting process is positive for everyone involved, which is why we only ever source our PNG beans from reputable plantations in the highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Carried out in house, our superb roasting processes offer unrivalled standards. The result? A high-end product free from unwanted chemicals and machine contaminants with a pronounced fruity taste and sweet woody edge. All our blends are jam-packed with rich flavours, an abundance of nutrients, delicious aromas and just the right amount of acidity.


Medium roast for balanced flavours

Medium roast beans boast a balanced, rich flavour and a heavenly aroma, with a slight acidity. They’re an ideal option for coffee connoisseurs who prefer a darker, more wholesome cup, that promises to add an instant zing to their step and a woody aroma that nods to the breathtaking highlands of PNG - morning, noon or night!

Tasting notes

Coffee beans are grown in the perfect climate of the fertile hinterlands to ensure an amalgamation of earthy undertones, crisp, fresh flavours, slight acidity and an element of fruity wine. One thing is for certain, espresso Papua New Guinea coffees are high on flavour! Blends from this region are full-bodied, mysterious, assured yet still boast a balanced aftertaste.


Available as a monthly subscription

Our monthly subscriptions are a go-to for those who want coffee on-tap, as well as those looking to recreate a barista experience in their own home by fashioning espresso Papua New Guinea coffees, complete with a sweet woody aroma, high intensity and outstanding flavour at any time of the day.

All pod products purchased on a monthly subscription are compatible with Nespresso machines and can be stock-piled depending on how many pods you add to your order. You can sign up, update and review your subscription information at any time online.

Subscription benefits

There are numerous benefits to signing up for a subscription. The number one reason? Convenience.

Whether working from home or the office, having your favourite coffee to hand at all times is an asset to those who drink plenty of cups throughout the day - from kickstarting your morning to overcoming the lunchtime lull and enjoying a post-dinner digestif, coffee can be enjoyed at any hour, and with a subscription, you’ll never run out of your favourite pods!

Our pod products are compatible with a wide variety of machines, allowing you to choose the intensity and style of your ground coffee product.



What does coffee from Papua New Guinea taste like?

PNG beans offer a unique, outstanding flavour with hints of citrus, chocolate and sweet fruit. The coffee beans grown in this country get their distinct taste from the breathtaking Highlands of Papua New guinea’s veritable ancestral paradise!

Are all Nespresso capsules the same shape?

This depends on the type of espresso Papua New Guinea capsules you invest in. The original variants boast a shallow angled top and straight sides, whilst the Nespresso VertuoLine capsules are dome-shaped in style.

To ensure you invest in the correct capsules for your Nespresso machine or any third-party machines, check the guidelines online to determine which pack to buy, or view a list of machines the pods are compatible with on the manufacturer’s site.

Interested to learn more? You can contact our customer service or visit our online shop for more information on the related products we sell, including more details on pod pack offers, what to do with used pods and which products we recommend.

Is Papua New Guinea a high altitude coffee region?

Yes, it is! Coffee Beans grown in PNG are of exceptional quality, which is why they’re some of the most sought-after beans in the world. They offer a bold yet modest flavour, a pronounced fruity taste, a well-balanced body and a woody aroma that nods to the cool climate.

The most reputable veritable ancestral paradise plantations adopt high tech machinery, certified farming techniques, embrace the region’s cool and wet climate and fertile volcanic slopes upon the highlands of PNG. The result? Coffee beans are grown to perfection to ensure a fragrant, consistently crisp, slightly acidic but well-rounded ground product.

Is Papua New Guinea coffee good?

It’s one of the best coffees in the world. Arona, the most popular bean grown in the inspiring origin of Papua New Guinea, is as modest as it is rich. Every blend promises to always deliver a well-balanced flavour and pronounced fruity aroma.

What is the climate like in Papua New Guinea?

Papua New Guinea boasts a tropical, yet varied cool and wet climate - perfect for growing coffee plants! Yearly maximum temperatures span from 30 to 32 °C, dropping to just 23 and 24 °C in the cooler months.

The climate of the fertile mountain areas differs slightly from the coastal plains, with the inspiring origin of Papua New Guinea’s humidity levels ranging between 70 and 90 per cent.