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Organic Jungle Bean Coffee

Rich body | Acidity | Cocoa

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Thick rich body, a winey acidity and subtle cocoa flavour.

Available Sizes: 250g, 500g & 1kg

Available Types: Whole Bean, Espresso Ground & Plunger Ground

Thick rich body, a winey acidity and subtle cocoa flavour.

Organic coffee beans

Our organic coffee beans embrace more than aromas, flavours and origins alone - they’re clean beans, farmed the right way, void of synthetic pesticides, fertilisers and fungicides. The result? Coffee that packs a punch, a brew rich in beneficial antioxidants, and a product that gives you and the planet a much-needed boost.

Available in a variety of sizes and styles, from Espresso to Whole Bean to Plunger Ground, our Certified Organic Coffee boasts a winey acidity, rich body, and delicious chocolate flavour.

Whether kickstarting your morning, adding a zing to your lunch hour or unwinding in the evening, our organic blends are suited to all palettes.


What is certified organic coffee?

Great coffee begins with great beans, grown in nutrient-rich, superior soil at high altitudes under a canopy of natural shade. When differentiating between non-organic and organic coffee beans, quality soil, the right environment and high-altitudes are elements coffee aficionados look to.

Certified blends are nutritious, good for your conscience and better for the planet, with green beans taking advantage of natural pest restraints, such as birds and bats as opposed to harsh herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. The result? A more wholesome brew.


A healthy start to the day

Looking for a healthy way to kick start your day? A morning brew is a great brain and mood booster! Whether working from home or the office, organic coffee is guaranteed to give you the morning motivation you need - a little like a hug in a cup!

Caffeine, a natural stimulant, is renowned for its wake-up properties worldwide. Coffee awakens both our mental and physical senses, heightens our alertness and helps us to vanquish fatigue.

Feeling a lull after lunch? Coffee can help us to get our performance levels back on track, and that’s not all, plenty of studies suggest a warming brew increases endorphins, leaving us ready to take on the remainder of the day.


A rich blend of high altitude beans

To us, coffee is more than a morning brew, it’s a taste experience, which is why we only use a rich blend of high altitude coffee beans, bringing pleasure to both coffee connoisseurs and the quick-fix crowd. Our rich high altitude blends boast a smooth, authentic aroma, which promises to enliven the soul, body and mind.

Where are the organic beans sourced?

Our select network of renowned green bean buyers choose beans from some of the most celebrated high altitude plantations on the planet. Once on-site, our expert artisan roasters get to work, ensuring an outstandingly smooth journey from bean to blend.


Lovingly roasted in Australia

With our roots firmly planted in Australia, our coffee concept caters to even this most discerning of connoisseurs. Our team of passionate on-site roasters are dedicated to crafting blends that better the supply chain.

To ensure you have access to only the best beans, we’ve formed strong bonds with plantations around the world to create a product that is as unique as our customers' palettes.


Types of organic coffee we sell

Our Glass House Mountains Organic Coffee beans are the perfect option for those looking for a brew that promises a full-body, delicious winey acidity and a subtle chocolate flavour.

Available in a range of sizes, including 250g, 500g and 1kg bags, as well as numerous blends, from Whole Bean to Espresso to Plunger Ground, our organic range has something to suit all tastes.

Whole bean

Rich in antioxidants, boasting a full body and fresh flavour, our whole bean blend is one of the smoothest, richest roasts around.

Espresso ground

Roasted to perfection, our Espresso ground roast boasts a smoky aroma, and a medium, rich brew. This finely ground blend is perfectly suited to those looking to add an instant energy boost to their daily routine.

Plunger ground

Offering a coarser grind, our Plunger Ground blend can be brewed for that little bit longer, without becoming bitter.


Benefits of ordering coffee online for delivery

There are many benefits to ordering online, the first and foremost? Convenience. Having your favourite coffees delivered directly to your door not only allows you to sidestep the morning rush, but it also allows you to become your own barista, making your best brew just the way you like it!

When shopping at our store online, select your chosen blend, add to cart and choose your preferred delivery method. To follow your order status or to restock, simply sign in to your account and follow the on-screen order instructions.



What are the best organic coffee beans?

This comes down to personal preference, tasting notes, the origin in which the beans were grown and the farming methods embraced.

What is the healthiest coffee bean?

For many of us, coffee is an integral part of our morning routine, but which is the healthiest bean to buy? From whole bean roast to plunger ground, all blends are brimming with antioxidants and distinctive aromas. Keeping your beans whole however prolongs these intense flavours - ensuring your product stays fresh, healthy and palatable for longer.

Are organic coffee beans better?

Asides from being good for your conscience, organic coffees offer full flavours and aromas, they’re crafted using fewer pesticides and grown in organic plantations certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

Are all coffee beans organic?

Not all blends are created equal. To ensure you’re drinking conscious coffee, look to the label, talk to our roasters and learn more about where our products are sourced from. From adopting fair farming processes to ensuring greener delivery methods, sustainability is a key focus for us.

To learn more about the many categories of coffee stocked in our store, connect with us today! From bean to brew, we can tell you the exact origin of your coffee, whether it is medium or full-bodied, how it has been processed and the farms and plantations our beans come from.