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Signature Blend

Chocolate | Malt | Honey

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Balanced chocolate and malt medium body coffee with good acidity, and honey sweetness.

Grown specifically for Glass House Mountains Coffee and hand-picked from specialty ‘Estate Grown’ Coffee plantations, the Glass House Mountains Signature Blend has been crafted for all coffee lovers to enjoy.

Available Sizes: 250g, 500g & 1kg

Available Types: Whole Bean, Espresso Ground & Plunger Ground

Balanced chocolate and malt medium body coffee with good acidity, and honey sweetness.

Signature Blend

Our Signature Blend coffee is one of our most popular products thanks to its unique flavour profile and rich texture. If you enjoy a well-balanced coffee that marries powerful chocolate flavours with delicate acidity, then the Signature Blend could become your new favourite.


Signature Blend comes in a range of forms to make it suitable for all types of coffee equipment and brewing processes. Whether you enjoy a strong espresso or a luxuriously smooth latte, Signature Blend is guaranteed to provide the delicious undertones that you’re looking for.


Where is Signature Blend Sourced?

Like all of our award-winning coffee, Signature Blend is sourced from some of the most well-respected high-altitude coffee regions across the world. By combining a carefully selected range of roasted beans, we have produced a blend that is highly unique, flavoursome, and extremely pleasing to drink.


Our ethical plantation partners have been growing the finest green coffee beans for many years, and the quality of beans that we receive is second to none.


After we receive a new batch of beans, our team of experts roasts them to perfection. The beans are then mixed in the ideal ratio to provide the Signature Blend flavour that we’ve become known for.


What forms is Signature Blend available in?

Regardless of the brewing equipment you own and the methods you choose to make your coffee, you can rest easy knowing that there’s a variation of our signature blend that is going to be ideal for you.


Whole Beans

If you enjoy consuming coffee in the purest way possible, then whole beans are undoubtedly the way to go. Freshly grinding your beans is a beautiful experience and the coffee that they produce is truly second to none.


Our whole beans are packaged up as soon as possible after roasting - sealing in their freshness and maintaining the glorious flavour and aroma that you love. Whole beans are available in 250g, 500g, and 1kg bags.


Espresso Ground

If you don’t own a grinder or just prefer to keep your coffee habits simple, then pre-ground beans are going to be the best option for you. Our espresso ground has a very fine consistency that is designed to produce a rich, powerful, and well-extracted shot of coffee.


Espresso ground is ideal for espresso machines and moka pots. Both of these methods will give you a strong coffee that can watered down into an Americano, combined with milk as a Cappucino, or sipped as an espresso.


However you choose to consume your espresso ground, you can be sure that you’re not going to be disappointed with the results.


Plunger Ground

Plunger ground is the way to go if you like to brew coffee using a V60 or a French Press. The slightly coarser ground is also great for filter coffee machines, and will produce a lovely, smooth cup of coffee.


We’d also recommend plunger ground for anyone who uses a variety of different methods to make their coffee. Plunger ground is the most versatile option for those without a grinder and will still prove effective in an espresso machine.


Nespresso compatible pods

Capsule-based coffee has quickly become one of the most popular ways to consume a brew. However, it doesn’t always get the respect it deserves from coffee lovers. With our Nespresso compatible pods, you’ll be able to convince anyone that a capsule machine can produce an incredible cup of coffee.


Nespresso compatible pods are also available via our subscription plan. If you want to ensure that your coffee supply never runs dry, then take a look at a capsule subscription. You’ll get a fresh batch of pods shipped straight to your front door every single month.


An affordable entry-point into the world of specialty coffee

Our signature blend is available at an affordable price and is the perfect option for Glasshouse first-timers. The flavour is well-balanced with rich chocolatey notes and is loved by practically everyone who tries it.


The blend has been crafted to work harmoniously with any type of coffee equipment that it is paired with. This is different to many specialty coffee strains, which often need a particular brewing method to reach their potential.


Why not order a batch of freshly roasted coffee today and see what all the fuss is about. We can guarantee that you won’t be dissappointed.